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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Surname Saturday - GATES

When Bill West of West in New England wrote, The Case of Mary Gates of Lancaster, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, I immediately went to my Gates genealogy. I don't know if my Mary and the one by Bill are one and the same, but I suspect they are. My Mary was born between 1628 - 1658 (when she married) in Sudbury, Bill wrote in his blog that "Mary Gats of Sudbury lat of Lancaster." Another clue comes from my source used, what I wrote was, "NEHG Register. Vol. 120 (July 1966). Pp. 161-170 and (Oct. 1966), Pp. 260-272. "Stephen Gates of Hingham, Lancaster, and Cambridge, MA" by Clarence Almon Torrey." In conclusion, both Mary's above, had a father named Steven Gates.

It doesn't end there. With a few free minutes, I went through some loose Gates papers, and came across an article from The Register published by The New England Historic and Genealogical Society. From Vol. 163: 134 of April 2009 titled, "Ann Neave, wife of Stephen Gates, 1638 Immigrant to Massachusetts" by Edward J. Harrison. Darn, I had Stephen's wife as Ann VERVE, Not NEAVE. Seemed like a good time to read the article and maybe make corrections or additions into my file.

There are quite a few reference books stating the wife of Stephen Gates was Ann VEARE, done by various researchers, who transcribed the parish registers of Hingham, Norfolk, England. Apparently, "the registers have only one record for the surname VEARE, namely, the 1628 Gates marriage, but they contain twenty entries for the surname NEAVE. The National Burial Index for Hingham has no burial entries for the surname VEARE at any time, but it includes sixteen burials for NEAVE (or NEEVE) from1600 to 1700."  Hum, apparently one researcher interpreted the last name of Ann as VEARE, and as the article states, "VEARE and NEAVE differ only in their first and fourth letters."

Changing Ann's last name was simple. However there is a point to be made. It is a wise thing to continue reading periodicals, books and any genealogy articles pertaining to the surnames you have. There are so many researchers and, just because somebody says it is so, it may not be.  My initial entries for the GATES line were done about seven years ago, the new information was dated 2009.

To illustrate how wrong information passes from person to person.  I did a Google search using the names Gates and "Ann Neave" there were 157 hits, and this is the correct name.  There were 1,210 hits for the incorrect name!  One genealogist I want to follow is Robert Roy who does the The Roy Family, his tree is beautifully documented. In closing, Bill are we related through Stephen Gates and Ann Neave?


Kathleen Brandt, Professional Genealogist said...

Great reminder of researchers how to dig for the correct information. Enjoyed the information and details given. Kathleen

Barbara Poole said...

Thanks Kathleen for your comment. It all came together, Bill's article, my stuff and I had time to really work on it. Always appreciate a comment from a professional genealogist.

Bill West said...

It's possible, Barbara. Supposedly I'm descended from an Elizabeth Gates, daughter of Stephen and Anna who married John Lazell of Hingham, Ma (29 Nov 1647 Place UNK).The connection is through my Dunham line but I
haven't proven or sourced it as yet. It would be nice if we do turn out to be cousins!


Randy Seaver said...

Hi cousin Barbara,

I think we chewed over this several weeks ago - I'm descended also from Stephen and Ann (Neave) Gates, through son Stephen Gates who married Sarah Woodward, and on several more generations (Simon, Amos, Simon, Nathan and then Abigail, who married Bejamin Seaver in 1817). So this is one of my seven-generation families in New England.

I think that many genea-bloggers are related to each other if they have New England ancestry!

Cheers -- Randy

Barbara Poole said...

Yes, we are related several times, and now Gates. The original Gates article was by Bill West, and it was that piece that got me working on my line, and I discovered a recent article from NEHGS's The Register, that I and many others had the wrong surname for the wife....but of course, you had it right! You're the smart cousin.

Gwynn Socolich said...

Kathleen, I have a three part post on my Gates branch. I am descended from Lephe Gates and John Riddell. I am also a friend of Randy's we both belong to SDGS and see each other at SCGS Jamboree! See my blog at:
and search For Gates. (post 1 are the sources for the following:
Stephen Gates1
Stephen Gates1 was born in Norwich Co., England , Norfolk about 1600 [Torrey NEGHR 677]. He was from Hingham, England [CO Gates 9] Immigrated 1638 Aug 10 on the DILIGENT [LC Gates 2, Torrey NEGHR 677, CO Gates 9] Stephen Gates1 m. Anne Veare 5 May 1628 [LC Gates 2] in Hingham England [Torrey, NEGHR 678, CO Gates 9]He immigrated to the Location of Lancaster , MA [Torrey, NEGHR 678]
Anne Veare’s second husband M2 Richard Woodward [ Stowe , MA ] [Torrey (need page number)]
Stephen Gates1 died on b4 Sept 1662 [Torrey, NEHGR 678, Rogers 114]
Will at loc in Middlesex Probate file, proved Oct 1662 (Cambridge, Middlesex County, MA [ Rogers 114]
Stephen Gates1 Children:
Stephen2, spelled Steffene; will of Stepten Gates [Rogers 114]
Simon Gates [Rogers 114, see also Rogers 121]
Thomas Gates [Rogers 114]
Elizabeth Gates [Rogers 114]
Court Record: Will Inventory of Stephen Gates1
Ann his wife remarries Richard Woodward of Watertown, MA [Rogers 119], Estate at Lancaster.

Barbara said...

Gwynn, My Gates line is sourced, I just don't put the information in my blog. But, it was nice of you to send your information. FYI, what you were looking for, RE: Anne Veare's 2nd marriage, here it is: Torrey, Clarence Almon, New England Marriages Prior to 1700, (Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., Inc., 1985). Pg. 839. "Woodward, Richard (1589-1663) & 2/wf Ann (Veare) Gates (-1683), w Stephen; m cont 18 Apr 1663; Watertown"
Thanks for writing, Barbara