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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday -- Tour of Lowell Cemetery, Lowell, Massachussetts

On a lovely Friday afternoon, summerlike for May, I finally took a tour of the Lowell Cemetery (in Massachusetts). Recently, I had bee visiting it for four weeks in a row, mainly to capture images of the flowering trees and flowers, and taking a few cemetery stones.  "The Lowell Cemetery was modeled after Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, which was organized a few years earlier as the first garden cemetery in America."  Since I blogged about Mt. Auburn Cemetery recently, I thought some might be interested in this private and stunningly beautiful cemetery.

Tour guide was local historian and Registrar of Deeds, Richard Howe, Jr.
70 people took this tour, and this was the last stop.  Because of the heat, some left early.

Book (front and back)


Heather Rojo said...

Oh, I saw this tour advertised and I couldn't make any of the times. Now I really want to go there! I love the photos of the book and the easy chair. It looks like a great cemetery!

Carol said...

Like looks like an amazing cemetery to visit. Some of the headstones are real works of art.


Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Gorgeous photos, Barbara! I'm so sorry I didn't get down your way when my daughter and I were in MA (we didn't have "wheels" so getting out of the house was a problem). Hopefully next time we'll get a chance to meet in person!

Barbara said...

Heather, Carol and Elizabeth, thank you all for your comments, and I'm glad you appreciated the photos.

Betty said...

What great photos, Barbara! And such amazing tombstones. I've never seen one like the armchair before...!

Barbara said...

Betty, I think the chair is unique also. Might go back and take more pictures of it. Thanks for the comment.