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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Top Ten -- Brick Walls


Adams, John (Parents needed, no other information.)
Born abt 1757of Wintonbury (now Bloomfield), CT - Lexington, MA - Hamilton, NY - Elba, NY
In Lexington, MA during Revolutionary War
Died September 25, 1830, Elba, Genesee Co., New York
Married to Hannah Smith, dau. of Joseph Smith and Eunice Drake of  Windsor, CT

Farmer, Alexander “Alex” (Parents needed, no other information.)
Born March 05, 1814 in New York or Canada
Died January 27, 1864, Calhoun Co., Michigan
Married Huldah Lay abt 1833 in prob. Niagara Co., New York
Children 5 born bet. Niagara, NY and Leroy, Michigan

HAWLEY, BENJAMIN (Parents needed, no other information.)
Born 1753,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died 1831, Tompkins, Delaware Co., New York
Married February 05, 1778 to THEODOSIA FITCH at Lebanon, New London Co., Connecticut  (Had 8 children)

HULL, NANCY (Parents needed, no other information.)
Born 1790, Woodbridge, New Haven Co., Connecticut
Married 1807 to JESSE WRIGHT, son of ASHER WRIGHT Prob. Killingworth, Middlesex Co., Connecticut
She and her husband both died February 07, 1878, one in New Haven, and the other in Killingworth

JAQUAYS, William (Parents needed, no other information.)
Born bet. 1784 – 1790, poss. CT or VT (No other information)
Married Lucy Cross of Windham, Windham Co., Connecticut
Lucy died January 14, 1878 at Cowansville, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada
Children were: Louisa Jane / Elizabeth Jaquays, Thankful, Sarah, William Cross, and Harriet C. (all of Addison, Vermont and Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada

JOHNSON ELIZABETH / BETSEY  (Father was William, need more information and her mother) SOLVED, BY A RESEARCHER WHO TOOK ME UP ON THIS OFFER.
Born November 07, 1751, Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts
Died March 19, 1799, Dublin, Cheshire Co., New Hampshire
Married October 21, 1773 DAVID MEAD / MEED at Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts
(Two children born Lynn, one in New Ipswich, New Hampshire)

JOHNSON, LYDIA (Parents needed, no other information.)
Born Abt. 1822, Vermont
Died March 22, 1858, Dunham, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada
Married WILLIAM CROSS JAQUAYS October 24, 1839 at Franklin Co., Vermont

MUNSON, ANNA (Surname unknown)
Born Abt. 1831, Died April 18, 1772, Plainview, Hartford Co., Connecticut
Married WAITSTILL MUNSON (They had 2 children, Esther and Anna.)

Richardson, Almira “Mira”  (Parents needed, no other information.)
Born abt. 1798 of Orange, New Haven Co., Connecticut
She was adopted by John Byran.
Died April 22, 1861, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut
Was married to Aaron Kilborn of Hamden Co., Connecticut

Wyckoff, Gerritje (no further information)
Died Abt 1725
Married JOHN (Jan) PIETERSE Van NESS (his 1st wife of 4 years)
Had son, JOHN (Jan) PIETERSE Van NESS born 1722 Readington, Somerset Co., New Jersey


Carol said...

I jumped when I saw that Jaquays. I have researched a Jaquis clan in upper NY state, Clinton County, and surrounds. Have seen references to birth places of Vermont, New Hampshire, and just to keep it interesting, France. Wahhooo! But, Benj died in Franklin County, New York, date ???, after 1860 census.

Brenda said...

Oh, how I wish I could have helped on your Farmer line!

Greta Koehl said...

(Just saw your comment on Moore History - Deep in the Heart of Texas) - I need to do this. I have so many brick walls it's hard to pick the top 10, though.

Barbara Poole said...

Thank you Carol, Brenda and Greta for your comments. Carol, I appreciate your writing that, and I know you will remember that name now. Brenda, I know how much you tried, and I appreciate it deeply. Greta, I do have more than 10, so I guess we will forge ahead together, forever!

Yvette Hoitink said...

Your Gerritje Wyckoff seems to match a woman by that same name who lived exactly a century earlier. See for example: This Gerritje Wyckhoff had the same named spouse, same named child who was born exactly 100 years earlier in the exact same location.

To me, that is very suspicious. Are you sure your information about Gerritje Wyckhoff is correct? What sources do you have for her?

Whatever her story is, the name Gerritje Wyckhoff is without a doubt Dutch in origin. Please contact me if you need help tracing your ancestors in the Netherlands!

Barbara Poole said...

Hi Yvette,

Thank you very much for commenting on this difficult Brick Wall of mine. I am the person who posted the RootsWeb information, you referenced above.

Sources: Somerset County Genealogical Quarterly, Vol. 2, No. 1 "Van Neste Family" (March 1983). "Van Neste Family." Pp. 113 & 341-343. Author not sure Gerritje's last name is Wyckoff, and if Marytje's is Bodine. AND, New York Genealogical & Biographical Record (NYG&BR). Vol. 131: 142. (April 2000). "The Rall / Roll Family: Descendants of Jan Mangelsen and His Wife Tryntje Van Woggelum" by Barbara A. Barth. Gerritje and John/Jan were married 4 years before she died.
Thank you for catching her death, yes, it should be 1725!!
Her husband, and his ancestors were mostly in New Jersey and New York. I've a lot of Wyckoffs in my tree (but not direct lines).

If you could solve my mystery, then I'd love to pay you the $100.

Happy New Year's to you.

Yvette Hoitink said...

Hi Barbara,

The son's birth date too, is off by 100 years in your post. I can't help you any further than that but I hope that having the correct information in your post will allow somebody who does to find the information and help you.

Barbara Poole said...

Yvette, I clearly had a problem with this line. However, my database and RootsWeb site are correct. Maybe I should "hire" you as a proof reader! Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Is is possible that Jaquays is a varient of Jaquith? There was a Jaquith family in Vermont (in or near Stowe). Agnes Town married Lester Jaquith. I used to correspond with Agnes, but I believe she passed away in Arizona some years ago. David

Barbara Poole said...

Anonymous, I wish their name was Jaquith, as there is a book and lots of sources for that surname. However, an early Rhode Island line clearly states Jaquays, as well as other records. I appreciate your suggestion, since every bit of input helps.