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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Doll -- Treasure Chest Thursday

Additional photos of the doll my grandmother gave me, see my July 3rd post. All six pieces of clothing are removable. Please see below for another doll post in which the doll is in an identical high chair as mine. See Carol Bowen Stevens' Treasure Chest Thursday, the Googly Eye Doll, a Rerun Post.
Doll sits in handmade Amish highchair (for dolls).

February 12, 2013. I have noticed a large number of people looking at this site, and while I'm delighted, I am just a bit curious. Since it is just a photo of a old doll, I'm wondering if there is anything else you would like to see or want explained  Could you fill me in on why, during this week, so many of you are looking at it. Of course I am pleased. You could leave a comment here at the post or email me at:


Carol said...

So cute and sweet. I have a high chair for my German Googly Eyed Doll. She was on my blog once a long time ago, maybe I should do a rerun today??

Wendy L. Callahan said...

She is so beautiful. :)

Nancy said...

She is really fabulous. I'm still wishing you'd been able to play with her as a child. Someone suggested in a comment to the previous post about the doll that she looked professionally made. Looking at her clothes I think she may have been made by someone who was an experienced seamstress but not a professional. The snaps are stitched on by hand and the row of stitching down the back of the dress is definitely not "professional." She's a treasure for sure. I hope you can eventually - somehow - find out which grandmother gave her to you.

Susan D. said...

How lovely and I like the way you have photographed the doll to show the detail in her hair and clothes. Your story reminded me of my own mother's skill in doll making.