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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do you Have Ellsworth in your Tree?

Sue from New Zealand wrote on October 10th about her ancestor, Edgar Alvah Ellsworth who married Deborah Wilkins as his first wife. I had him married only to Catherine Primmerman, so I was happy for the correction. Her line apparently went from Canada to England to New Zealand. And, speaking of corrections, Sue read my post about my finding 22 cemetery stones in Canada, and I had referred to them as my 22 direct descendants instead of ancestors! For over two years, people have seen that error!

This is not my direct line, however I have a lot of Primmermans. If anybody has this line, or knows who Edgar's parents were, I can put you in contact with her. Thank you for any help.

Generation No. 2

2.Edgar Alvah ELLSWORTH ( ELLSWORTH1) was born ABT 1824 in United States. He married Catherine PRIMMERMAN, daughter of Peter PRIMMERMAN and Cathright MCDONALD. She was born 12 FEB 1824 in Frelighsburg, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada, and died 10 OCT 1859 in of Bedford, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada. She was buried in Ploss Burying Ground, Bedford, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada. He married Deborah WILKINS. She was born ABT 1850 in England.
Children of Edgar Alvah ELLSWORTH and Catherine PRIMMERMAN were:
+3  i.William H. ELLSWORTH was born ABT 1849 in St. Armand, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada.
+4  ii.Ann Elizabeth ELLSWORTH was born ABT 1852 in Lower Canada, and died 1926.
5  iii.James E. ELLSWORTH was born 1855 in Lower Canada.
6  iv.Peter L. ELLSWORTH was born 1857 in Lower Canada.

Children of Edgar Alvah ELLSWORTH and Deborah WILKINS were:
7  i.Charles Wesley ELLSWORTH was born 1862, and died 1922. He married Melissa BILEER\BLEER. He married Clarissa BROWN.
8  ii.Alvah James ELLSWORTH was born 1864, and died 1926. He married Margaret Elizabeth WYLIE 29 SEP 1890 in Magnetawan, Ontario, Canada.
9  iii.George Bryon ELLSWORTH was born 1862, and died 1934. He married Mattie M. WATERMAN. He married Elura M. ROGERS.
10  iv.Frederick N. ELLSWORTH was born 1869, and died 1919. He married Edna Jane THOMAS. He married Nora C. CARR. She died 1946.
11  v.Henry H. ELLSWORTH was born AUG 1870.
+12  vi.Edward Thomas ELLSWORTH was born AFT 1870.

Generation No. 3

3.William H. ELLSWORTH (Edgar Alvah ELLSWORTH2, ELLSWORTH1) was born ABT 1849 in St. Armand, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada. He married Susan A. HOLBROOK.
Child of William H. ELLSWORTH and Susan A. HOLBROOK is:
13  i.Mary Elizabeth ELLSWORTH was born 1879, and died 1952.

4.Ann Elizabeth ELLSWORTH (Edgar Alvah ELLSWORTH2, ELLSWORTH1) was born ABT 1852 in Lower Canada, and died 1926. She married Henry Ambrose COSSITT 7 JAN 1874 in Concord, New Hampshire, son of John F. COSSITT and Sarah G. FARWELL. He was born DEC 1852 in Claremont, Sullivan Co., New Hampshire, and died 24 DEC 1928 in Claremont, Sullivan Co., New Hampshire.
Children of Ann Elizabeth ELLSWORTH and Henry Ambrose COSSITT were:
14  i.Sarah Catherine COSSITT was born 6 DEC 1878 in Claremont, Sullivan Co., New Hampshire. She married James A MCCOMMONS 25 OCT 1904 in Claremont, Sullivan Co., New Hampshire.
15  ii.John H. COSSITT was born OCT 1880 in New Hampshire. He married Agnes B. NEWELL 9 SEP 1911 in Port Huron, St. Clair Co., Michigan, daughter of P. J. NEWELL and Agnes BROPHY. She was born 1883 in Michigan.
16  iii.George E. COSSITT was born JAN 1889 in New Hampshire, and died 21 SEP 1942 in Hartford, Windsor Co.,Vermont.

12.Edward Thomas ELLSWORTH (Edgar Alvah ELLSWORTH2, ELLSWORTH1) was born AFT 1870. He married Elizabeth Hannah GETTY.
Child of Edward Thomas ELLSWORTH and Elizabeth Hannah GETTY is:
17  i.Edgar ELLSWORTH.


KT said...

The only Ellsworth I have in my tree is William Wolcott Ellsworth who married my 4th cousin Emily Webster, daughter of Noah Webster (of dictionary fame) and Rebecca Greenleaf. They married 14 Sep 1813 in Connecticut. I don't have any other information on William W. Ellsworth.

Heather Rojo said...

I have several Ellsworths marrying cousins in Rowley, Massachusetts. Is this the same Ellsworth family?

Hummer said...

Not our line, but in my research for my Aylward/Ellsworth line in Prince Edward Island, I came across an Aylesworth/Ellsworth family in Prince Edward Province in Quebec. They were supposed to have migrated there I think from NY during the Revolutionary War because they were Tories.
I would suggest trying Aylward and Aylesworth because they frequently used Ellsworth also. Other spelllings I came across were Elward and Elsward. Just suggestions. Wish them luck.
Btw in PEI there were some Edgar middle names and some Edgar maiden names.

Anonymous said...

My name is Bryan Ellsworth. On this exact day that this was published, my father Charles B.Ellsworth passed away in Burlington MA. I know we had Ellsworth's with the names listed in your work, not sure if I'm part of your family or not but I also have Canadian background as well as English background. I wonder?