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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nice Discount from Ancestry

Update: I just received this message from Cindy W. (see comment at bottom of this blog)
Still working July 14, 2015.  Thank you Cindy for letting me know. Barbara

Note: Below is a posting from Ancestry, offering a special deal. Although it expired in 2013, I believe it is still being offered. On April 23, 2014, I received the following message: "FYI . . . just last week I renewed my ancestry account for 6 months for $49 . . . via the following link on your blog . . . I could not believe it still worked!!!! . . . but it did!"

Notice: This special deal is once again offered...Expires April 28, 2013.

Quite by accident, I discovered that is offering a good deal. I found out about it by going to their site to subscribe. Then today, April 24, I received an email about the offer. Perhaps others have also received it as well.
What the deal is, until April 28, 2013, you can get six months of the U. S. Edition of Ancestry for $49, or the World Explorer for $99. They are both for six months, with automatic renewal for an additional six months, but there may be a price increase. No one-year deal was offered.

I have not seen anybody mention this special, so I thought I'd pass it along. You can join me, because I took advantage of it and saved $30, since my previous membership expired in November. This deal is for new members only.
My Ancestry homepage shows the ad below, letting me know I can upgrade to World Explorer.
Find family love stories
and more with a
6-month membership for only $49
U.S. Discovery
Access all U.S. records
Join now
Perfect to...
Start your family history journey
Discover your family story in America
Or discover your international love stories:
World Explorer
Access Everything
Join now
Perfect to...
Go global with your
family search
Find ancestors in Europe,
Canada, Australia and beyond
Offer ends at midnight ET on April 28, 2013


Diane B said...

I used this too, Barbara. I had downgraded to a U.S. subscription several months ago, but needed to upgrade back to World because of my recent Nova Scotia discoveries. Their upgrade choices are confusing and hard to use, but I did find this and use it. I had some time left on my 6-month subscription, so they had me pay the $99 mentioned here, and they refunded about 30 dollars from my old subscription. The refund only took about a week, and it was set up automatically, I didn't have to ask. I agree, not such a bad deal.

Thomas Larry McGrail said...

I got an offer from to get a $99 DNA test from now until Jan 6th. I pressed the order button and it took me to a blank page. What's happening with this offer?

Barbara Poole said...

Larry, I'm not sure what happened. Are you not a subscriber already (I thought you were)? Maybe the offer is for really recent subscribers. How about trying again, or go to their subscribe to page.

rutherfordcemetery said...

Barbara, it just worked for me on March 13. Thanks. Not a previous subscriber. You just saved me $29! Can't thank you enough, but wanted to let you know that the offer was still working, if they use your link.

Pam Wood Waugh said...

I renewed mine a while back for the 6 mos as well. I can't afford to be without it.

Dennis Lohr said...

World Explorer increased to $119/6 months. Regardless, much better deal than any others.

Patrick... said...

Hello Barbara,

I just came across your blog post post and had also allowed my World Explorer membership to lapse. I noted that the link said the offer expired on March 23rd, but I figured it was worth a try.

Long story short, I just clicked the link, logged in to my expired Ancestry account, and was able to resubscribe for the $119 plus tax. Not sure if they extended the offer or if it was an error, but it worked for me a few minutes ago.



Anonymous said... $49.99 still working!

Cindy W. said...

Still working July 14, 2015.

Barbara Poole said...

Cindy W., I'm Very glad to hear this. I keep wondering, especially since it's been a few years.