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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Not All is on Find A Grave, See What Else you Can Find.

Rowley Burial Ground, Main Street, Rowley, Massachusetts

After I visited the Rowley Public Library this past weekend, I took a 1/2 block walk to look at the Rowley Burial Ground, one that I have driven by many times. I had told the Librarian that I was curious if some of my early Kilborns were buried there and she suggested I check with the town hall next door. Since it was a holiday weekend, I knew I'd have to wait a few days. When I got home, I turned to and put in the name of Joseph Kilborn, but found an error immediately. See the end of this post for my proof, I was lucky I used another site.

I then googled Rowley Cemetery Rowley, Massachusetts, and found three other sites, along with FindAGrave, which naturally was listed first. But, don't ever stop with just that site, scroll down and see what else is listed. I got the links to the Cemetery Commission for the town, the Cemetery Inscription Index from Ancestry (nice site), and Inscriptions from the Old Cemetery from (All links are below.) It should be noted that FindAGrave is part of, but has a different website.

1630     1930
The Burial Ground set apart
at the settlement of the
town of Rowley in 1630. Here
are buried Ezekiel Rogers,
Samuel Phillips, Samuel
Shepard, Edward Payson and
Jedediah Jewett. The earliest
ministers of the town, and
nearly all the original settlers.

Massachusetts Bay Colony  Tercentenary Commission

When I took this photo, I had no idea the cemetery was as large as this google map below indicates. Wow, I need directions to get to where my Kilborns were buried, so I'm glad I have the site and row numbers (from and the phone number to the Cemetery Commission. they should be able to tell me the exact location. I love that this is a flat cemetery! The red arrow points to the Rowley Library.
Below are the four sites I found by doing the Google search. Please don't just stop at FindAGrave. Do click on them to see what I found.

This cemetery is referred to as GR1 Rowley Cemetery in the Vital Records of Rowley Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849 and ROW.800 Rowley Burial ...
RowleyMA 01969. Telephone, 978-948-2885. Fax, 978-948-2162. Office Hours. Fridays, by appointment only. Mission Statement, The Board of Cemetery ...

Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts, Cemetery Inscription Index ...

Original data: Geo. B. Blodgette. Inscriptions from the Old Cemetery in RowleyMassachusetts. Salem, MA, USA: The Salem Press Publishing and Printing Co., ...
You've visited this page 3 times. Last visit: 10/7/18
Apr 20, 2015 - Inscriptions from the old cemetery in RowleyMass. by Blodgette, George B. ... Publisher Salem, Mass., Salem Press. Collection allen_county ...

The Inscription page for my Kilborns, from link above.

Results from FindAGrave
I did like seeing two photos (not always the case), and learning that, "2,147 memorials were added, and that 77% were photographed."

From,  you need to type in the name.

Four results...But look at the error for Joseph Kilburn when I click on his name.

When you click on a name above, such as Joseph, you'll get something like the below information, you can see the age. I looked at the page from and there is no indication of his birth year, just that Joseph died in his 40th year of his life. So, if you just use FindAGrave, you might be using errors, check all sources.

    Name:Joseph Kilburn
    Death Age:40th
    Birth Date:abt 1719
    Death Date:6 Mar 1723
    Burial Place:Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
    Stone Location:No. 159, 15 Row, West 2
    Inscription:Here Lies ye body of Joseph Kilburn who died March ye 6 1723 in ye 40th year of His age

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