The Life From The Roots blog topics have changed several times since I began this blog in 2009. I initially wrote only about the family history I had been working on for 20 years. Years later, I was into visiting gardens, historical homes, churches, libraries that had genealogical collections, historical societies, war memorials, and travel/tourism places. I also enjoy posting autographs and photos of famous people I've met or have seen.

Along with my New England roots, other areas include New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Makeover for a 1660 No. Andover, Massachusetts Cemetery

The below cemetery has been visited, by me at least 15 times, as it is rather close by, and since I have ancestors there, my husband and I like to stroll through it.  The first two photos show what we always saw, lots of trees. Imagine our surprise earlier this year, when we saw that a number of trees had been removed.  Recently, we returned for another view of the cemetery.  This is where the Anne Dudley Bradstreet memorial is.  Note: Wikipedia's information for Andover has a lot of historical information as well as an impressive list of well-known former residents.

In June 2014, I communicated with a person from the North Andover Historical Society about my doing a post about their society. One of the most useful things I received was a A Digital Guide to the Old Burial Ground on Academy Road. (Scroll to the bottom for the database with photos and map.)