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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Conversation -- Part 3

My letter began with, “Dear Mr. Barnes” unfortunately, I didn’t save a copy of the letter nor did the recipient.  Now for the beginning. About 1996, I used a genealogy book, The Genealogy of Thomas Barnes of Hartford, Connecticut, and was so happy to discover that my ancestors were listed in the book, with a source!  It was for the marriage of ESTHER BARNES and NATHANIEL BISHOP of Connecticut

Immediately, I wrote the author a letter, since his address was printed in the book.  Within days, I received a reply.  Seems he was more excited than me.  Why?  He was born and brought up in my home town. Even though he now lives in California, some of his family is still living here in my town in Massachusetts.

When I decided to write about the letter, his book and our meetings, I contacted him and his wonderful wife, Edna.  Edna replied back, “As far as we can determine, it looks as if we first met in October 1997 at the Library.  I remember when you came bouncing in all enthused.  It was such a pleasure to meet you.  Also, we believe that Fred has visited with you in person four or five time.  He has visited with you twice by himself.  In August, 2009, I returned back to CA earlier than Fred so he met with you and did some additional visiting with relatives and "old" classmates.   He also was able to see you when he went back to his 50th High School Class Reunion in 2001.   When we both went back for his 55th High School Reunion in 2006 you met us in Andover, MA.  I'm not sure what year it was that you welcomed us into you home.  You were doing some remodeling but wanted to share some of your genealogy material with us at that time.  Please let us know if you have any questions regarding Fred and his home town as he was "growing up".

This wonderful friendship developed because of a simple letter.  In addition, Fred is also my 8th cousin, but it feels like a 1st cousin with both of them.  They are both members of my local genealogy club, long distance from California.

If you have a BARNES line in your family, chances are pretty good, that person is in Fred’s two volume set, reprinted 2001.  Please contact me if you wish further information.