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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday -- A Mixed Table Setting

My silverware is a combination from sets belonging to both grandparents. My Bishop grandparents had Gorham, the pattern is Fairfax. My Poole grandparents had the ornate pattern by Towle, called Old Colonial.

Both sets of grandparents married in 1918, one in Connecticut, the other in Illinois. It is clear that the women had different tastes.
Both pieces have initials, the B is clearly seen, the pattern first made around 1900.

There is an A on the back of a fancy serving spoon. The A stands for my grandmother's maiden name, Adams and the pattern was first manufactured in 1895.

Both patterns are still manufactured.
From each pattern I was fortunate to receive a setting of four.


Cynthia Shenette said...

Very pretty! It's interesting what you can tell about the two people (or at least think you can tell about two people) just looking at their silverware! Did your grandparent's personalities match their silverware?

Barbara Poole said...

Good question Cindy, and I will be doing a post about that topic...their personalities.

Carol said...

Lovely pieces. How lucky for you to have some from both.

dee-burris said...

I look forward to your post on your feeling sabout their personalities.

Interesting what our possessions - even many years after the fact - suggest about who we may be.

Nolichucky Roots said...

Lovely, lovely post. Can't wait to see your follow up on their personalities.

I have a real soft spot for silver (esp. Towle), for mixed place settings, and monograms. I even love polishing it (though not to your standards).

Barbara Poole said...

I may be lucky Carol, but I never use them, and polished abt. 6 pieces for the first time in 3 years (Susan you can come by any time to do it for me). Regarding their personalities, I might have to make something up! (Grandmothers died when I was abt. 10, and met one only once.) Thanks for your comments.

Apple said...

Both are lovely no matter how different, you're lucky to have them.

If I had to choose today I'd pick the simplicity of the Fairfax however the set I chose 30 years ago was closer to the Old Colonial.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Lovely silverware and a lovely post. I think it's really interesting that both patterns are still manufactured today. Do you favor one pattern over the other? They are so different!

Barbara Poole said...

Apple and Michelle, thanks for your comment. While I enjoy looking at the fancy pattern, I think I'm more like Apple, I'd choose the simple design.