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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday -- Share and Share Alike

The photos of Mary Jane Westover and her husband, James Albert Ryckman were sent to me by Jeannie Slater, after she found a cemetery photo of mine on Find-A-Grave recently. On that site, I have a statement where I allow anybody permission to copy my photos, and they don’t have to ask. I’ve learned it’s better to share, if you don’t you could be limiting yourself from receiving from others.

Jeannie wrote me, we exchanged information and, in-turn, has allowed me to share her photos. I have over 900 Westovers in my tree, and I'm hoping to place Mary Jane Westover into it, and maybe Jeannie and I will be related.
 Mary Jane Westover Ryckman
James Albert Ryckman


Michelle Goodrum said...

The statement on Findagrave is an excellent idea! I think I shall borrow it. Never would have thought to put it in on my own!

Barbara Poole said...

Michelle, you do think of a lot of other useful bits of information tho. Anyway, my statement is short and to the point, "A genealogy buff for over 22 years. Most of the photos are of my direct lines, so I would be happy to share any research material.

You are welcomed to copy any of my photos. However, it would be nice if you gave me credit, esp. if it is for publication.

Anonymous said...

I've probably said this before and I will say it again. I do get so jealous of you because you actually have people that will share with you. I have met "cousins" over the Internet time and time again and once I have shared with them they DISAPPEAR. It is SO frustrating and eventually I will get over it. And I am actually joking with you for the people that read this and think that I am horrible for saying what I just said. I actually do have a new found "cousin" that I haven't had the time to stay in contact with I have been trying to find photos of some graves here in CO and finally found them. YEAH. Now to figure out how to get them to her I just can't figure out how to do it from this computer. Joyce

Barbara Poole said...

Joyce, maybe I'm just lucky with some of them, but there are some I never hear back from too. I'll be writing you a personal email to discuss.