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Monday, December 17, 2012

Bedford, Massachusetts World War I Memorial

Note: New photos will be taken of monument, and name of church will be posted soon. The church is not next to the monument. It was taken because of the design I love.

In Memory of
The Men of Bedford
Who Gave Their Lives in the World War
And in Appreciation of All Those Who Served
To the Credit of Their Town, State and Country.

*Alexander Robert Anthony     *Hugh I. Hunt      * William Walter Hamilton
Lionel Reginald Anthony
Vernon Richard Anthony
Abigail Bacon
Albert Bierenbroodspot
Andrew Cornelius Bierenbroodspot
Howard Drown Brawn
Charles Elmer Brock
Charles Elmer Brock
Thomas Butler
Roland H. Brown
Franklin Harwood Canlett
Arthur Everett Carson
Hermann Emil Christiansen
William James Crier
Frank Bellows Davis
Howard F. Davis
Clifford Louis Day, Jr.William J. Durkin
Michael Lawrence English
John Stephen Fanning
Basil Edward Fletcher
Milton Currant Ford
Benjamin Charles Freeman
Nicholas Genetti
Edward Loren Goulding
Arthur Holden Hayden
Gunnar Hemmingson
Edward Amos Hunnewell
William James Hunt
Henry Clare Isnor
William Jackson
David Theodore Keay
Francis Joseph Kelley
Henrick Hans Johan Larsen

Hubert H. Loomis
Ralph Loomis
Samuel Loomis
William F. Loomis
Francis Colin MacDonald
Walter Francis Manning
Johanna Elizabeth McMahan
Martin Francis McMahan
Philip Edward McMahan
Edward Joseph O'Dowd
Philip Stephen O'Dowd
Frederic Parker, Sr.
Henry McBurney Parker
John Stanley Parker
W. A. Parker
George Henry Peterson
J. H. Philbin
Fred A. Proctor
Paul Rhoderick Raymond
John Harold Riese
Nicholo Silverston
Peter Snyer
Frederick H. Sullivan
Nicholo Silverstone
Peter Snyer
Stephen Tackney
James J. Walsh
Rev. Arthur Stanley Wheelock
William Albert Wilkins
Harold Edward Willson