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Monday, January 27, 2014

Watertown, Massachusetts -- World War II Memorial

To These Gallant Heroes of
World War II
This Memorial is Reverently Dedicated

Leonard Almeda
George H. Elms
Douglas C. Kenney
Felix T. Murphy
George Andreotes
John A. Fantasia
Paul L. Kenney
George M. Natale
Joseph F. Arone
Jessie J. Farese
Armand Keshishian
Paul Nugent
Haig G. Barmakain
Romeo A. Farese
Bruce S. Kindred
Joseph M. O’Callaghan Jr.
Lloyd E. Beckwith
Ernest B. Ford
Robert A. Krancer
Michael  C. Papadopulos
John A. Bedrossian
Robert M. Ford
William H. Kremin
George A. Perkins
Raymond W. Braffitt
Arthur O. Furfey
Walter F. LaFort
Alfred W. Pezzella
Gerald C. Breen
Louis W. Gahran Jr.
John M. Lambert
Ralph A. Piteri
Thomas P. Brennan
George M. Gaitanis
Joseph F. Lennon
Clarence D. Powell
Thomas J. Cannalonga
Leopold W. Gierwiatowski
Minas L. Loisou
Robert F. Prest
Richard A. Carmchael
Joseph H. Gilfoil Jr.
Robert E. Looney
Vincent J. Ranucci
Lawrence L. Cashin
Charles E. Griffith
Charles J. Mackin
Lawrence N. Rice
Louis K. Chaberlain
George F. Harris
Gordon G. MacKennan
John A. Richards
Harry A. Chapanian
Robert E. Hartenstein
John J. Maloney
Henry H. Roberts
Carl I. Christianson
Charles R. Hasekian
William F. Mann
Edward T. Roche Jr.
Alfred B. Coffin
Lester W. Haynes
Paul S. Maroubian
Bernard F. Romano
Maurice L. Cohen
John W. Hennessey
Fredrick N. Martin
Angelo Russo
Alfred F. Cole
Richard K. Henry Jr.
Leo J. Martin
Dominic J. Russo
Nicholas Conti
Thaddeus R. Hubbell
John M. McCall
Edward A. Safer
John M. D’Alanno
Paul W. Hughes
Allan McClay Jr.
Raymond E. Sargent
Philip Z. Darch
Alfred Iodice
Stanley J. McEachern
Stephen F. Sawyer
Harold D. Davis
Eric B. Ives
Warren F. McManus
Charles J. Shutt Jr.
Fred Devenney Jr.
Myron L. Jevelekian
Harold H. Melkonian
Warren S. Studley
Joseph A. D’Onofrio
Charles E. Johnson
Suren Melkonian
Otto M. Theurer
James J. Donovan
Henning E. Johnson
Edward F. Moran
Albert C. Todino
Arthur O. Doria
Malcom E. Johnson
John J. Moran
Simon Torossian
Raymond G. Dougan
Louis W. Juliano
Murad Mouradian
Thomas J.Trapasso
Theodore J. DuBois
Aram G. Kadehjian
Richard S. Movsessian
Samuel Tungrain Jr.
Melville B. Eaton
John R. Keane
Harry C. Moyles
Thomas A. Waldron

Earl H. Wellch
Frank D. Borghetti

Michael F. White

Robert S. White

Jack Wiltshire

George F. York