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For four years I’ve blogged mostly about my personal genealogy in New England (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire), New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. I still will, can’t forget my own roots.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Westford, Massachusetts World War II Memorial

"Forever Honour'd, Forever Mourn'd"
In Honor of Those Who Served
Their Country in World War II
1941 - 1945

Arthur A. Abbood
Gilbert P. Heathcote
Robert C. Pyle
Robert A. Abreu
Robert C. Hepburn
Thomas W. Ray
Donald E. Anderson
Richard Hildreth
Joseph Regnier
Dora Antonelli
Arnold W. Hitchcock
Edward A. Ripley
Donald F. Barnes
Eric G. Hook
Donald F. Robinson
Dennis Barretto
Herbert E. Ingalls
Foster C. Rogers
Francis B. Barretto
Frank B. Jarvis
Angelo Saracini
Alan W. Bell
Victor P. Johnson
Atonio Saracini
Leslie G. Bell
Thomas Johnstone, Jr.
Joseph A. Saracini
Robert H. Bell
Roy L. Keizer
Gordon B. Seavey
Ernest F. Benkoski
Harlene Knowlton
Avard I. Sims, Jr.
Otto H. Berchtold
Bernard Kulisich  *
Warren D. Sherman
Cyril C. Blaney
James Lambert
Robert G. Smith
Roger I. Bosworth
Lucien J. Lecours
Antonio J. Succo
Nathaniel Bradbury
Raymond G. Lefebvre
Alfred A. Sutherland
John C. Burne
Francis J. Leonard
Gerald G. Swanson
Vincent Cavalno
John R. Leonard
Morris H. Swanson
William K. Carver
Robert B. Leonard
Varnum R. Swanson
Carlton L. Chamberlain
William L. MacDonald
 James S. Turner
Robert G. Chandler
Allister F. MacDougall, Jr.
 Harold Vose
Margorie E. Changler
Gordon H. MacDougall
 Elizabeth Wells
Bryant R. Chaplin
Stephen C. MacDougall
 Huntington L. Wells
Carl A. Chaplin, Jr.
Henry J. MacEntee
 Richard C. Wells
Lawrence V. Charlton
Joseph F. May
Leroy Whitcomb 
William G. Chase
Charles E. Mann
David B. White
Harold E. Clark
Oscar H. Mann
 Chester M. Whitney
Bryce D. Collier
Willard S. Mann
 Donald A. Whitney
Robert R. Cook
Paul L. McDonald
 Harold E. Whitney
Chase C. Cooper
Richard L. McGlinchey
 Harry G. Whitney
James I. Corkery
Everett E. Miller
 Ivan V. Whitney
Alan N. Crocker
Willard E. Miller
 Warren W. Whitney
Anne B. Crocker
Willard F. McCre, Jr.
 Bernard M. Wilder
David A. Crocker
Paul F. Moran
 Charles Williamson
Morris R.Crocker
Edward P. Mountain
 John P. Wilson
Herbert G. Decato
Norman K. Nesmith
 Warren Wilson
Robert S. Decato
Francis L. Nowers, Jr.
 Charles D. Wright
Arthur DeForce
David M. O’Connell
 Howard K. Wright
James R. Ditmar
Francis A. O’Connell
 William W. Wright
Arthur J. Dupuis
Salvadore A. Paduang
 Gilbert M. Wyman
Roland W. Fecteau  *
Walter E. Parfitt  *
 Horace F. Wyman
Kenneth M. Fleet
Robert W. Perrins

Austin D. Fletcher, Jr.
William A. Perrins, Jr.
 Added later:
John G. Fletcher
Joseph W. Perkins
 Nicholas V. Basinas
J. Willard Fletcher  *
Ernest S. Peterson
 Andreas V. Basinas
Rowland T. Fletcher
Gustaf Peterson
 James V. Basinas
Walter W. Fletcher, Jr.
John G. Peterson

Theodore M. Foster
Albert H. Picking

Oscar Freeman
Arthur Picking

Leon I. Gagnon
William B. Prescott

Donald F. Greig
Walter T. Pulsifer

James Harrigan  *
O. Fletcher Pyle

George M. Heathcote, Jr.
Richard B. Pyle

Westford, Massachusetts Town Green