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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Concord, Massachusetts -- Civil War Memorial

The Civil War Memorial located on the Concord, Massachusetts green.

They Died for Their Country in the
War of The Rebellion

Maj. Amiel W. Whipple
Capt. Daniel Foster
Chaplain James Means
Chaplain William C. Whitcomb
Thomas Carey
Capt. James E. McCafferty, Jr.
Martin Lynch
Paul C. Kittredge
Herman Flint
Charles Brigham
Edward C. Garrity
John McDonough
Charles A. Lawrence
James M. Billings
Charles H. Brown
Thomas McGuire
Lieut. Ezra Ripley
Col. George L. Prescott
Serg't Charles Appleton
Corp'l. William J. Damon
Francis Buttrick
Barney Clark
George B. Erskine
Jonas E. Melvin
James Thompson
Bertrand Burgess
Edwin C. Proctor
George J. Carr
Charles B. Hannaford
Alonzo Francis Munroe
Serg't Franklin M. Gregory
Corp'l Erastus H. Kingsbury
Oliver M. Richards
Charles W. Stuart
Michael Murray
Serg't Henry Carley Smith
Richard R. Clark
George Poland
Paul A. Dudley
Asa H. Melvin
John H. Melvin
Samuel Melvin
Charles Nealey
Thomas Doyle
Frederick J. Tarbell
Serg't James S. Fernald
Alden Buttrick
Corp'l Charles Hosmer Wright

Town of Concord
Builds This Monument
In Honor of
Whose Names it Bears:
And Records
With Grateful Pride,
That They Found Here
Birthplace, Home or Grave.

Another view of the tall monument in the background. The one in front is the World War I memorial, see my post HERE.