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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Hall Library, Andover, Massachusetts -- History and Genealogy Room

I was very anxious to get back to this library, the Memorial Hall Library in Andover, since it's been about 15 years, and I was curious about their genealogy collection now. The library has a large addition, but managed to keep very little of the original library structure, which I was sad to see.

The main reference desk, with original clock.
This is the genealogy room for the public. (Above and two photos below.)

I learned that the special collection is now in a closed off area, but because I was able to explain to the Librarian what I was doing, he was very happy to show me the room and explain what they had.

Jay Leno is from Andover, Massachusetts. If I remember correctly, this is a signed the book.

A little bit of old.
Parking meters are in the rear of building, and even with the lot, finding a space could be difficult. The Library is on a main street at a major intersection.

From the Library site is the Abbott Genealogies collection.
"Andover genealogist Charlotte Helen Abbott wrote these unpublished genealogies. Earlier versions of some genealogies were published in the Andover Townsman, the local newspaper. They generally cover older Andover families through the late 19th century. Miss Abbott's genealogies are subjective and rich with anecdotes, but list few sources. Kay O’Neil, with the cooperation of the Andover Historical Society, worked to digitize the typescript manuscript. Originals are also held at Memorial Hall Library."

UPDATE: 1/24/18  I found a few webpages for this library with plenty of information about Andover. Check them out!  

Historical Newspaper Collection

Digital Collections and Links


Joyce said...

My children and I spent many lovely hours in the new library. I remember checking books out for my grandmother from the old library. What's left of the old building is mostly used as office space and librarian's stacks.

Glad to see you included Jay Leno!

Barbara Poole said...

Joyce, It's always nice having a good memory with a library in it. It's a lovely building, although I'm not sure why they chose to put it on the corner of a major intersection, but back then, they didn't even have cars!
Yeah, I almost mentioned the cemetery where Jay's father is buried, but I held back. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

That intersection has always been busy, due to the number of streets which intersect. When I was a child the policeman's box was still in the intersection, though it was not in use, from pre-traffic light days.

My grandparents and aunt are in Spring Grove Cemetery. Lots of memories of tending the grave with my mother and aunt.

I love your combination of flowers, history, libraries, and cemeteries :-)

Barbara Poole said...

Thank you thesilverofhisfining for your comments. I am not familiar with the Spring Grove Cemetery, so I'll try to remember to check it out. When I took the photo of the library, I had to stand in the "policeman's box" was scary, but fortunately everybody saw me!
I try hard to incorporate flowers in all my posts, and I do have a thing for cemeteries and libraries...glad you caught that.