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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The difference of 13 years is astonishing, Mr. Ball -- Tombstone Tuesday

Amazing things can happen when you go through your genealogy "stuff." If you are like me, you have lots. For instance, you might mysteriously come across a photo you took in 1999, with some papers printed with the 2004 date, why? I asked myself. It was a great photo of a 1698 gravestone. But this newly found picture wasn't the photo I used for my May 2012 blog post, seen HERE nor the one I posted to the FindAGrave site.

If only I had been more organized, I wouldn't have had to make a repeat trip in 2012 to the cemetery, even though it is only 35 minutes away.

Please see the difference between the older photo (1999) and the 2012 one. Does this make you want to try and get all your photos now, before you can't read them. The difference of 13 years is astonishing.
The above and below photos are one and the same, taken in 1999. I personally like black and whites for cemetery stones, especially if the colored ones are too dark, and look artificial when lightened.
Eleazer Ball is my 8th great-grandfather.

Above is my 2012 photo shown on FAG.
Old Hill Burying Ground
Concord, Massachusetts


Carol said...

That IS amazing Barbara!

Apple said...

Very interesting. In the 1999 photos it almost looks like the stone had recently been cleaned. Nothing last forever but you'd think that 13 wouldn't make much difference to a stone that is 300+ years old.

MissPeggy said...

This is one of the best illustrations I have EVER seen!!! The erosion of this beautiful stone is just heartbreaking.

Thank you for posting this!

Barbara Poole said...

Thank you everybody for your comments. I plan on going back to the cemetery rather soon and see what it looks like now. As a result of this and not being organized, I finally updated my cemetery list. Seems I've visited 50 cemeteries and took photos of 150 direct ancestors. Need to fine tune my organizational skills.

my Heritage Happens said...

I agree with Apple! What a difference. Yes, it makes me want to get photos of all of my ancestors graves, NOW!

Barbara Poole said...

The only problem for me, Cheryl, is it takes time to find out where they are because not all are on FindAGrave, nor are they just around the corner. Anyway, it's a good plan for all of us. Thanks for writing.

Pam Beveridge said...

Good grief! Thanks for the heads up.