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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Changes in the Works at Dutton and Fletcher Streets Intersection, Photos taken November 20, 2021.


How did I get to this spot for this photo? Well, it took an idea from one walk then I did two additional walks. The idea came while I was on the path beside the new Court House and Pawtucket Canal where I could see across Thorndike Street to the Dunkin' shop. So much activity, I got curious as to how to get there. Then I went the next day to walk on lower Dutton Street where I saw all the activity around Dunkin's. I took photos and then wondered how could I get another photo from the opposite end. And this picture was the result.

So I drove to Dutton  St. to where Willie St. intersects, and began walking partway down, then drove a little until more walking. The street isn't that long.
There was a reason for taking this photo the other day and in 2019. I remembered it was where the old Registry of Motor Vehicles had their office. It was always so dark and dingy and scary on that street. It was also where we bought Christmas trees. Fortunately, the Registry moved. Well, apparently they will be moving again in March 2022 because the owner, Kazanjian (that has quite a few businesses on Dutton that I didn't photograph), wants to put in condos. So, it looks like there will be a change, and I would think it would apply to more than this one company. We'll see next year. There are several apartment small buildings and a house or two on the street.

The three pictures below were taken July 1, 2019, at 7:36 PM.

From the opposite side of the street.

I was told several of these buildings were used for marijuana growing, but I don't really know.

The brick building in the middle was built in 1878.
The same row of buildings can be seen from Dunkin' parking lot.

Flour and Salt can be seen.

I really wanted to get to the Western Studios, but it was too dangerous.

These photos are from Dunkin's parking lot. This is a close-up picture to block out the cranes and other equipment, but you do see a pile of dirt.

The big parking area is for Dunkin's.

The below two pictures were taken at the end of Dutton St. just before Fletcher Street.
When I worked at Father John's Medicine the owners always bought supplies from this company.

Thorndike St. ends at Fletcher (on the left). Then the first left is Dutton St. again.
You can see Dunkin' in the middle left.

I then drove to Westford Street to park and walk down Grand Street.
I walked down the steep Grand Street
The street ended at where the factory on Middlesex St. is.
Took a right on Middlesex Street and walked up.
Crossed over some railroad tracks, hoped for a train, but no luck.

Then I saw the below. Middlesex Street will continue straight across when all is done.
Another photo to show the right.

They were bigger than me! I could practically touch them. So glad they weren't working.
Then I walked down Thorndike and saw the happy commuters, wondering what the heck I was doing, since there were no walkers.
Then I took the close-up and thought I'd use it as the opening photo.

Walked back, agin another track photo.

At this spot on Middlesex St. I took the first left to walk up Grand St.
Now to walk up Grand Avenue. It is the street where I learned to drive in the winter. Backing up and turning around wasn't fun on this street. I doubt they give lessons these days, way too much traffic.