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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

To Copp's Hill Burying Ground / Cemetery, Boston and the 3rd Time is Not a Charm

Views of Copp's Hill Burying Ground in September 2022 and January 2019.

I've been to this cemetery three times, but still haven't found the stone of my 6th great-granduncle.
The weather wasn't cold in January, but there was plenty of ice on the paths, so we decided to return another day.
Stonehill Street is in front, and Hull Street is on the left. You can barely see the Leonard P. Zakim Bridge.
Winter vs. Summer gate entrance (the only entrance).

Maps from the internet and several from the cemetery.

So, who am I looking for? Thomas Rand, son of Robert Rand and Elizabeth Welch. I first discovered his death from Inscriptions and Records of The Old Cemeteries of Boston, compiled by Robert J. Dunkle & Ann S. Lainhart, NEHGS. Pg. 317. Thomas was the second of seven children. Unfortunately, I don't know where his mother was buried, but know that the father drown in the Mystic River.

I found the location from another source, and this site was very useful. Unfortunately, I don't know where I got the maps that pinpointed the cemetery. My copy is in poor shape, but I'm sharing them anyway. At least I know he is in section A, site 414. The link below lists the known names and sites of those buried at Copp's Hill.

The above nameplate is from Find-A-Grave. There is a photo, but it didn't seem to help me. And I didn't think I should post it here without permission. The photo was taken in 2007.

The above matches the layout to the one below. The Rand baby is in section A.

The granite stairs entrance is always closed on Charter Street. My Rand child is right at the down arrow. This is a group of seven stones.
This is where I first thought was the site, but never saw the Rand name, so I returned to the cemetery the following week. Then I thought he was on this side, and I couldn't read them because of the shadows.

Or maybe this group, since there are seven stones.
View of North Station.
View of the Charles River.
View of the only exit with the blue Skinny House in front.
Before going up the steps of the Cemetery, I took this photo of the Old North Church.

A quick walk past the Church brings you to the Paul Revere Mall with a statue of Paul Revere.

The photos shown below were taken in January 2019. The Paul Revere house is just a few steps away.

A drawing of what the Paul Revere Mall will look like.

Paul Revere's House, closed on this day, January 2019.

He lived so close to Copp's Hill but was buried in the Granary Burial Ground Cemetery. See my link for photos.

January 2019.