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Saturday, November 7, 2009

DAR application - 1913

Below are the DAR application papers for my great grandmother, Mira Kilborn Bishop, dated October 16, 1913. Her mother was also a member, and her application was dated 1901. I had the original document stating her admission into the DAR, which was beautiful. Quite large, I would say maybe 12" x 14" and had dark blue printing. I showed it to the DAR archivist, and she wondered if I would donate it to the society, so I did. Of course, I didn't have a scanner at that time, so there is no picture. My mother was also a DAR member, as was I. They all used the same Revolutionary War patriot, but since I was obsessed with our family genealogy, I found my own patriot. And he was new, even to the DAR, who later added his name into the DAR Patriot Index.


Sheri said...

That is so groovy Barbara! I am the registrar for the chapter here in Stockton. Our chapter was founded in 1900. Someone was going through our chapter storage place and almost threw out all of the founding member applications from 1900. Do your think the DAR archivist would like to see or have those from our chapter?

Barbara Poole said...

Hi Sheri, I don't know the current archivist, but you could ask, I think it is worth the effort. I know, you know, that many chapters have disbanded, so they may already have a lot of stuff. I believe the DAR headquarters have all the original applications. Why not see about your local historical society? Don't you just hate it when these things get thrown out?
You have a very old chapter. I am glad you read this, and thanks for writing, I will be writing a lot more abt. the DAR. Ha, this was a good way to learn how to put scanned documents in order on a blog, I had it originally in reverse order!

Apple said...

It's great that you still have your great-grandmother's application form. Perhaps the archivist would scan her member certificate for you or allow you to either scan or photograph it yourself. Kudos on finding and documenting a different ancestor!

Barbara Poole said...

Apple, Thanks and super great idea, I'll get the name from Sheri (ha). I'm on a scanning roll, may explain in a blog as to why. Anyway, I found the application for the 1901, mother above, which I will post.