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Sunday, March 7, 2010

1914 DAR Certificate and FedEx

DAR Certificate of 1914 belonging to my great-grandmother.
I don't have many items that belonged to my great-grandmother but the three things I have pertain to the DAR.  She and her mother were both early members of the organization. Therefore, this document is quite meaningful to me. Some of you may remember my post about donating the 1901 certificate to the DAR, and they now can't locate it.

The other day, I went to FedEx armed with several items and many questions.  What joy to find there was no line, and I had the clerk all to myself.  We began with my five cemetery photos, 4 x 6 in color, which I wanted enlarged and put on heavy paper. That was done quickly.  Then from my flashdrive, the clerk found an image I had saved and printed it on heavy paper.  The last thing was to scan the above DAR document, which measures 14' x 17' and saved it on my flash drive. (There machine didn't do color, but a FedEx nearby does.) The machine used was amazing, as it can scan anything 36" wide and as long as you need.  I didn't need the image printed out, just show you.  In the future, I will have some descendant trees printed there.  Anyway, everything came to just under $6 and I was very pleased.

Once home, I tried out the flash drive.  The DAR certificate was there, but saved as a PDF, all I could get was the much smaller image (at 36% in size) to print out, which is what is above.  Yes, I can open the huge document, but of course, can't put it on the blog.  Seems like I experienced this problem before.

A quick phone call to FedEx and I was told, I could bring back the flash drive, and they can put the image into jpeg format.  Yes, I will do that. The employee was great, and really seemed to know his job and best of all, didn't mind all my questions. I learned, it is a good place to go to get information.

Based on the replies I received from a number of people who had suggestions to my Monday Madness  -- Asking For Help#1 post, there are several different ways to put a PDF onto your blog, but no easy way.  When I go back to FedEx next week, I will ask for their opinion.  Maybe there will be another way.