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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Daniels House, Salem, Massachusetts

The dates of 1667 - 1756 on the Stephen Daniels House in Salem, Massachusetts are an indication to me, that quite possibly, four of my six Stephen Daniels lived during that time frame in this house. All six generations lived in Salem. Visiting the area, and walking the street, #1 Daniels Street, now a bed and breakfast, was indeed a treat. I've know about it for years, but the desire to see it was prompted by the unbelievable pictures I saw of it on facebook after a winter storm this year. Please see below photos taken by a resident of that street.

1667 - 1756
Stephen Daniels House

Back in February, I posted the below blog about the house located in Salem, Massachusetts.
At first glance, I thought these two images were drawings, then discovered they were photographs of the Stephen Daniels house in Salem, Massachusetts. Immediately, I wrote the photographer to see if I could copy it to this blog, and Tom Stirling gave me permission. It was taken during one of our areas largest snowstorms. I don't remember ever putting somebody else's photos on my site, but I'm so happy to put Tom's here.
I have seen pictures of it, but have never gone, but will this spring, especially since it isn't far from where I live. I've got 6 generations of Stephen Daniels in my tree, so I'm not sure exactly which one lived here. Some investigating needs to be done. The house is a bed and breakfast, so I could stay there too.

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Six Lines of Stephen Daniels

Tombstone Tuesday  Stephen died February 14, 1686/87 at Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts

Tombstone Tuesday  Stephen died August 06, 1872, Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts

New owners now operate the bed and breakfast house. (January 17, 2020)