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Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Names of the Persons Receiving Early Land Grants at Ipswich, Massachusetts

Last year, while in Ipswich, my husband and I toured the Ipswich Museum. One of the first things to catch my eye was a wall hanging, listing names of persons receiving early land grants in Ipswich. When I took the photo, I knew at some point I would transcribe the names. There are quite a few readers who have some of these names, as do I, and I thought some of you might enjoy seeing your ancestors named here.

Robert Andrews
Henry Kingsbury
Henry Archer
John Kendrick
William Avery
Robert Kinsman
Samuel Appleton
Robert Lord
Thomas Bishop
Thomas Lull
Thomas Boarman
Wm. Lampson
Wm. Bartholomew
Richard Lumpkin
John Baker
John Lee
Edward Brown
William Merchant
Richard Bisgood
Solomon Martin
Humphrey Bradstreet
Robert Muzzey
Richard Brown
Jos. Medcalfe
Nathaniel Bishop
John Manning
Thomas Bracy
John Norton
George Carr
John Newman
Daniel Clark
Christopher Osgood
William Clark
John Perkins, Jr.
Robert Coles
John Perkins Sr.
Thomas Clark
Robert Paine
John Cross
Allen Perley
John Cooley
Wm. Paine
Isaac Cousens
John Proctor
Philip Call
Roger Preston
William Cartwright
Henry Pynder
Isaac Comings
John Pynder
Robert Crane
Mark Quilter
John Covington
Daniel Rolfe
John Cogswell
Richard Raffield
Philip Challis
Joseph Redding
Robert Cross
Nathaniel Redding
Robert Colborne
Nathaniel Rogers
Thomas Dudley
John Sanders
Daniel Denison
Wm. Symmons
John Day
Geo. Smith
John Dane
Thomas Stafford
John Fawn
Thomas Smith
Philip Fowler
John Shatswell
Giles Firmin
Mark Symonds
Michael Farley
Richard Schofield
Thomas French
Thomas Scott
Wm. Fuller
Henry Sewall
John Gaines
Rich. Saltonstall, Jr.
William Goodhue
Symon Stace
John Gage
Hugh Sherrat
Geo. Giddings
Wm. Story
Thomas Gilven
Simon Tuttle
Robert Graves
Samuel Varnum
Thomas Graves
Humphrey Vincent
Thomas Hardy
John Winthrop, Jr.
Thomas Howlett
John Warner
Richard Hubbard
Wm. Wildes
Samuel Hall
John Whittingham
William Hubbard
Richard Wattles
Robert Hayes
William White
Wm. Holdred
John Whityear
Daniel Hovey
Obadiah Wood
Geo. Hadley
Matthew Whipple
John Hassall
Robert Whitman
Francis Jordan
Thomas Wells
John Jackson
Nathaniel Ward
Stephen Jordan
Wm. Warner
Richard Jacob
John Wyatt
Alex Knight
John Wedgwood
Richard Kimball
Henry Wilkinson
John Kimball
Jonathan Wade

Samuel Younglove
Also hanging on the hallway wall is a large map showing where their land grant was. The numbers correspond with those on the original list above.
Last year I did a post called, Everybody Loves Ipswich, Massachusetts, which consists mostly of photos taken in the town. You may view that post HERE.