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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Dudley Garden Memorial at Harvard College, Massachusetts

If I had stumbled a upon a charming garden, located within the walls of Harvard College, I would have been thrilled. But because the garden memorial is named in honor of my 9th great-grandfather, Thomas Dudley, it is extra special. He is one of the few ancestors of mine who has a garden or park named after him. I found out about the garden last fall, and have patiently waited for a Boston area spring, so I could visit. The trip had to be before the ivy and shrubs took over the area, as it was, I couldn't read part of the inscription because of the ivt, but fortunately I found an older readable photo online.

This garden is hidden, and the student who helped me locate it had no idea it was within the walls, right next to the well-visited Lamont Library. I found a long path through a woodsy area, large open area for sitting on two huge circular cement benches, a sun dial, flowers and a grassy area. (Photos below.) I hope some of the Thomas Dudley descendants (quite a few of whom I know) will enjoy this piece. What an honor to have Thomas Dudley as an ancestor!

Inscription is below.
Thomas Dudley Governor of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay
Baptized October 12 1576 at Yardley Hastings England
Married at Hardingstone England Dorothy Yorke Apr 25 1603 and at Roxbury Massachusetts Catherine Hagburne Widow April 14 1644 – Died at Roxbury July 31, 1653
In 1597 He received a Captains Commission from Queen Elizabeth and was at the Siege of Amiens under Henry IV of France
One of the Twelve signers of the Cambridge Agreement Aug 26 1629
Sailed from Southampton England in the Arbella March 22 1630
Chosen Deputy Governor of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay at a Court of Assistants on Board the “Arbella” March 23 1630
Arrived at Salem Massachusetts June 12 1630
A Founder and the First Householder of Cambridge 1631

Deputy Governor of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay 1630-34  1637-40   1646-50   1651-53
Governor of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay 1634-35   1645-46   1650-51
Assistant of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay
Chosen one of the Standing Counsell for the Tearme of his Life May 25 1636
Appointed in 1637 by the General Court Held at Newtown
One of twelve men to take order for a College at “Newetowne”
Commissioner of the United Colonies 1647-48   1649-50
Appointed Sergeant Major General  The Military Forces of the Colony May 29 1644
Signed the Charter May 31 1650 of Harvard College
Buried in the Old Cemetery at the corner of Eustuis and Washington Streets.