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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Was it Washington or William who was Killed at 85?

Sometimes a second cousin, 4 times removed can drive you nuts. With a partial newspaper clipping of his death, all I had was the last name, and no idea who his daughter was. My quick solution was to ask for help from Susan Petersen of Long Lost Relatives blog to see if she subscribed to a newspaper database for her town, since the death of my Mr. Schrambling or Scrambling died there. I had just discovered a clue as to his first name. Below is what I wrote her.

"I have a partial news clipping, dated Sept. 20, 1933, from The Lincoln Star.  it is about a Mr. Schrambling who was killed by a Walton C. Roberts. Other clues didn't help because I don't have the married names of his daughters OR His first name. I googled Schrambling + Lincoln, and one thing that came up was FAG. Going to that, I saw..."

Schrambling, William
b. unknown d. Sep. 19, 1933
Wyuka Cemetery
Lancaster County
Nebraska, USA

Within minutes, Susan found three newspaper articles all for a William Schrambling and his unfortunate death. But once my research began, I found nothing for William, but a lot for Washington W., who died the same date. Five censuses listed him as Washington or Wash (I am missing 1870, 1910 and 1930). It appears this man went by Washington or Wash, but his daughter, and Lincoln, Nebraska knew him as William.
The Lincoln Star, Sept. 20, 1933

"Injuries Fatal to Schrambling
County Farm Inmate
Struck by Car While
Walking in Road.

William Schrambling, 85, an inmate of the county farm was injured fatally when he stepped into the path of an automobile driven by Walton G. Roberts, 1515 L Street, about 7 o’clock Thursday evening, while walking on the highway near the farm about seven miles north of here.

County attorney Max Towle announced Wednesday morning that no inquest will be held in the death.

The injured man was brought to the Lincoln General hospital and died a few minutes after, death probably being caused by a concussion of the brain. He suffered a fractured left leg, fractures of the skull and numerous lacerations about the head. Medical attention was given by Dr. R. H. Sawyer.

Mr. Schrambling with Albert Tulley, another county inmate, was talking toward Lincoln on the west side of the road. Mr. Roberts and his wife, driving north, saw the men approaching and slowed down, he stated. Just as he came even with the men, he said Schrambling suddenly appeared in front of his car. He swerved in an attempt to avoid an impact, but the car had already struck the aged man.

It seemed that Schrambling apparently became excited and ran directly into the car after being safely on one side of the grade, according to information obtained by Deputy County Sheriff C. A. Hughart who investigated the accident. Tulley told officials that he tried vainly to pull Schrambling out of the way.

Mr. Schrambling has been at the farm about three weeks this fall, said Mrs. W. W. Scofield, farm matron. He spent the summer on a farm east of Lincoln. He was cared for at the farm last winter after being discovered living in a boxlike hut in an old building excavation at Ninth and O streets.

He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Agnes Sagenuk of Soulian, Mont. The body is at Roberts."

Register Report for Washington (aka William) W. Scrambling

Generation No. 1

1.William (aka Washington) W. SCRAMBLING (Jacob SCRAMBLING6, George SCRAMBLING5, HENRY SCRAMBLING4, GEORGE SCRAMBLING3, HENDRICK SCRAMBLING2, HENRICH SCRAMBLING1) was born 10 FEB 1848 in Michigan, Kankakee or Iroquois Co., Illinois, and died 19 SEP 1933 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., Nebraska. He was buried at theWyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., Nebraska. He married Dorothea Sophia BRANDT ABT 1880 in Laurel, Washington Co., Oregon. She was born 27 MAY 1851 in Germany, and died 25 FEB 1926.
Child of Washington SCRAMBLING and Dorothea Sophia BRANDT was:
+2  i.Agnes Clara Reith SCRAMBLING was born 6 OCT 1881 in Laurel, Washington Co., Oregon, and died 8 MAY 1964 in Drummond, Granite Co., Montana.

Generation No. 2

2.Agnes Clara Reith SCRAMBLING (Washington SCRAMBLING7, Jacob SCRAMBLING6, George SCRAMBLING5, HENRY SCRAMBLING4, GEORGE SCRAMBLING3, HENDRICK SCRAMBLING2, HENRICH SCRAMBLING1) was born 6 OCT 1881 in Laurel, Washington Co., Oregon, and died 8 MAY 1964 in Drummond, Granite Co., Montana. She was buried in Missoula, Missoula Co., Montana. She married Eli E. SAGE 1898. He was born ABT 1872 in California, and died 28 FEB 1945. He was buried in Missoula, Missoula Co., Montana.
Children of Agnes Clara Reith SCRAMBLING and Eli E. SAGE were:
3  i.Dora E.\G. SAGE was born JUN 1899 in Montana.
4  ii.Elmer R. SAGE was born 1901 in Montana.
5  iii.Ebel L. SAGE was born 1904 in Montana.
6  iv.Maude Lorena SAGE was born 20 AUG 1905 in Jackson, Beaverhead Co., Montana. She married Bertie FAIRCLOUGH. He was born 1921.
7  v.Mildred SAGE was born 1906 in Montana.
8  vi.Vina G. SAGE was born OCT 1908 in Montana.
9  vii.Chancey SAGE was born ABT 1911 in Oregon.
10  viii.Edwin SAGE was born ABT 1914 in Montana.
11  ix.Clarence SAGE was born ABT 1917 in Montana.
12  x.Vern SAGE was born 1923 in Montana.
13  xi.Ruth SAGE was born 1926 in Montana.