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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Leominster Public Library, Leominster, Massachusetts -- Historical & Genealogical Collection

Leominster Public Library, Leominster, Massachusetts
I have never been to Leominster but heard that they had a nice library and a great genealogy collection. I was not disappointed. As with many of the other libraries I've been to, the old building gained a new addition, and as always I love seeing how they did it. When I mentioned my appreciation to a librarian, she said they hired an expert architect who specialized in libraries. These photos (above and two below) were taken in the old section.

The main collection is in the larger of the genealogy two rooms, shown below.

Old Leominster city directories.
The photos below are of the second genealogy room.

Some specific books for Leominster history and to the left, is a row devoted to Johnny Appleseed, who was born in Leominster.

The Roll of Honor for the War of 1861-1865 was recently moved to the first floor and because of the lighting, I wasn't able to get a good picture. When I mentioned that fact to the librarian, Jeannine T. Levesque, she quickly showed me the book where all the photos were, with the soldier's names and a short bio, including the cause of death. A photo of the book is "Leominster Historical and Picturesqueby William A. Emerson (google book, the below photo is on page 53.
A. W. Cowdrey
Capt. C. H. Stevens
J. F. Crosby
Lieut. A. R. Glover
A. B. Osborn
J. B. Foster
G. H. Gallup
J. G. Snow
W. H. Johnson
A. H. Carater
J. F. Owens
E. Hardy
F. Gardner
J. Q. A. Tripp
J. M. Mellen
C. H. Derby
A. L. Wilder
A. W. Johnson
Capt. Jorgensen
G. E. Wilder
J. E. Marshall
H. K. Derby
J. McDonough
M. L. Jordan
C. A. Lamb
C. B. Wood
J. C. Ready
L. Goodrich
D. Butterfield
J. M. Lewis
E. B. Rollins
R. H. Carter
C. H. Sinclair
L. R. Gallup
E. A. Ellick
L. Richardson
Side photo of the Library, with the oldest section at the front right.