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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wiscasset Public Library, Wiscasset, Maine -- History and Genealogy Room

The Wiscasset Public Library located in Wiscasset, Lincoln County, Maine the town known as the "Prettiest Town in Maine." I did a post for that town in my Seeing New England blog, and it may be seen HERE.

From their library link, I discovered a 151 page listing of Cemeteries with names of those buried in Wiscasset...a great asset to anybody with ancestors from this town. NOTE: The cemetery link is being updated as of 11/6/18 and I will post when it is available.
From their flyer shown below states, "The building was completed in 1805, built for the Lincoln and Kennebec Bank under a Massachusetts Charter of 1802."

Above and below is "The Jane S. Tucker Archives and Genealogical Collections (holds archives related to Wiscasset, Alna, Dresden, Edgecomb, Sheepscot, and Westport." For a very small library, it has a good collection of history and genealogy books. A librarian brought me up the very steep stairs to the locked room. Not wanting her to do the steps more than necessary, I quickly took these photos and went down the steps with her.

Genealogies, with names written on the cards.
To the right half of the above picture is the small storage closet.
 This is the Hortense and Henry Ferne II Memorial Art Room.
 Large reading room (above and below).

Front view.
From the flyer, The Museum in the Streets, a historical walking tour of the Town of Wiscasset, I found the following very interesting. "The first Europeans arrived near here in 1607. They established fishing and trading communities. Over time, European settlers took more and more land from the native tribes. King Philip's War of 1675 began a series of brutal and bloodily wars that wiped out all English settlements north of York for over 50 years."