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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Asking For Help -- Adoption of Mark Weiss or Mark Davis

The below letter was sent to me from a researcher in Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada. I obtained additional information and decided to post it here, in hopes he could be located for the family. The photo is of MARK WEISS / MARK DAVIS at age 1.

"Dear Friends, Family and all my Cemetery Contacts,

God help me, I'm hoping I will do a good job with this plea for help.

I have an Aunt, who is now 88 years old and quite possibly won't have many years left, this is her story more than mine but after trying to help the past few years without success I have decided that maybe the best way is through Internet. 

If everyone I send this to sends it on to their friends, family and e-mail contacts we should be able to cover the whole North American map and quite possibly help my Aunt in her quest. We will keep this simple and just maybe we will find him.

Many years ago she gave her son up for adoption, she did this in order to with the hope of giving him a better life than what she could afford to do at that time. She kept him as long as she possibly could without help from ex-husband, family or welfare and on minimum wages. After a time she made a heart wrenching decision with hopes that this child would have a better chance in life in a good home with 2 loving parents and possibly a good education to base his future life as an adult on.

She has kept his picture over the years, with all items, papers, letters etc concerning his adoption with the hope of someday finding him and being able to express her reasons for giving him to a  loving family and the love she still has in her heart for him. 

Her biggest fear over the years was that maybe he had died, but in the past year she was informed that he was still living so therefore the search goes on. 

His birth name was MARK WEISS / or MARK DAVIS and he was born on February 28, 1962 in Rhode Island.

If anyone has information concerning this man who will be 49 yrs old shortly, please have him contact me,  Marilyn ( his cousin), or Evelyn (his sister) at"
When I wrote Marilyn, I told her I was very familiar with her name as she has posted many cemetery records on the internet, and I've used her information. I am hoping somebody will know of Mark Weiss, OR he will see this and contact either of the above two women.  Thank you.