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Monday, January 21, 2013

Will Some of these People Please Pay Up.

The will of Charles Clarence Poole, my great-grandfather, is rather long, so it won't be typed in full. However, there are two sections that are quite interesting to me. The first pertains to his six pieces of property from Evanston, Illinois to California. The second are the names or companies who owed my great-grandfather some money. The list is long, total number is 66. I wonder if I could collect from a descendant. I've decided to post their names.

Will signed on the 11th day of February, 1912 in Evanston, Illinois.
Charles died 3 Dec 1914 in Winnetka, Illinois and buried in Washington, D.C.
Probate Court of Cook County. Docket 147. p. 246. File No. 22,330. Filed Dec. 16, 1914.
Page 5 of the Inventory
Item 10. Sundry Accounts Receivables, due
decedent in his profession as
solicitor and attorney in patent

(1)               American Rotary Valve Co.
(2)               Sidney Anderson Wright C.P.Co.
(3)               Armstrong, E. A.
(4)               Aurora Auto. Machine Co.
(5)               Austin, Cassimus K.
(6)               Bartl, Joseph
(7)               Biegler, Edwarad M.
(8)               Bivert, Eugene
(9)               Burgess-Norton Mfg. Co.
(10)           Burkland Knitting Works
(11)           Butkus, Joseph
(12)           Campbell, Leon J.
(13)           Chicago Carton Co.
(14)           Clinch Nut Co.
(15)           Conolidated Eng. Co.
(16)           Crissman, A. D.
(17)           Diesel, Lambert
(18)           Dittman Color Prt. Co.
(19)           DuPuy Alfred
(20)           Dyer & Taylor
(21)           Fauber, Wm. H.
(22)           Fleischman, D. M.
(23)           France, A.
(24)           Giddings, C. M.
(25)           Green Eng. Co.
(26)           Greenberg & McEwen
(27)           Haynes Auto. Co.
(28)           Healy, Jas. T.
(29)           Howe & Davison Co.
(30)           Hupp, Charles A.
(31)           Jewell Water Imp. Co.
(32)           Kearns W. J. Mirror Co.
(33)           Larsen, Andru
(34)           Kellogg, Edwin M.
(35)           Larsen & Neilsen
(36)           Larsen, Niesen & C. A. Judson
(37)           Livensparger, D. A.
(38)           Martin, Wm. D.
(39)           Margaretic, Mrs. Geo.
(40)           Moorhead, Albert E.
(41)           Motor Vehicle Speed Alarm Co.
(42)           Mueller, A. A.
(43)           McClellan, B. S.
(44)           McCord Mfg. Co.
(45)           Patent Office Misc. Account
(46)           Piner, Luther E.
(47)           Rail Joint Company
(48)           Reed, Edward
(49)           Reynolds Electric Flshr. Co.
(50)           Ruben, Martin
(51)           Russell, Emerson C.
(52)           Sandage Foundry Co.-Watson-
(53)           Schallman, Harry
(54)           Schwill, Bruno
(55)           Shely, W. A.
(56)           Snow, Gilbert B.
(57)           Stone, Thomas K.
(58)           Tiesse, August
(59)           Tuohy, Wm. H.
(60)           Vandercook, R. O.
(61)           Walger Awning Co.
(62)           Walter, W. H.
(63)           Ward, Mrs. Daniel
(64)           Warne, Glenn C.
(65)           Wilson, John
(66)           Winship, Joseph