The Life From The Roots blog topics have changed several times since I began this blog. In 2009, with my first posts, I wrote only about the family history I had been working on for 20 years. Many ancestors lived in New England so it was easy to visit gravesites and towns where they lived. I shared many photo. Years later, I was into visiting gardens, historical homes, churches, libraries that had genealogical collections, historical societies, war memorials, in general, anything to do with history. I enjoy posting autographs and photos of famous people I met or saw.

My New England roots are in Connecticut and Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire). Other areas include New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Back

Thank you to the 12 bloggers who posted their own personal favorite posts to my blog at Your Top Ten - Not My Top Ten over the weekend. Two were new to me, and I'm now following them. Anybody else can post until Sunday evening. There is some great reading in these posts, and it's a good way to read somebody new!

In my "Looking Back" post on the last day of each month, I like to do a public thank you to those who gave me an award. My usual policy is not to accept awards; I just don't feel comfortable with them. However, I do want to acknowledge them with gratitude.

Susan Petersen of Long Lost RelativesJoy Burkhart of Tomorrow's Memories and Katie Chambers of  FromLittleAcorns all gave me the Ancestor Approved Award. Thank you again.

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino of Lucie's Legacy and Acadian Ancestral Home blogs, awarded me her, "The Rose Blogger Award." Lucy established this beautiful award last year, in honor of her mother, Rosanna Levesque LeBlanc. Lucie says, "It is awarded to bloggers who keep the memory of their ancestors alive." She (Lucie) wrote me several weeks ago to ask if I would accept, and I said, "yes." Thank you very much Lucie.  

In the future, please refrain from giving me any awards. I've been very lucky with all that I've received. But no more for 2011, please. On another note, I plan on cutting back on my blogs, my hope is to do 2-3 a week,  beginning Monday, and spend more time researching.

I'm not sure if anybody noticed, but I removed almost all of my "Wordless Wednesday" posts. I had way too many posts for the year, and deleted almost 55. What in the heck did I show / talk about?

Last year I wrote the following on December 31st, "The month of December was filled with wonderful blogs about Christmas traditions. Although, I didn't participate much, I sure enjoyed being on the receiving end and I will remember many posts for years to come." That statement applies to this year as well. However, I spent considerable time listening to all the Christmas music and watching YouTube videos that bloggers posted. A few new favorites: Let It Be Christmas EverywhereHallelujah Chorus at Food Court and Evening Bells.

"On Dec. 29th (2009), I noticed that hit 40 million entries. The day before, it was at 39 million, I sure would have loved seeing the number change." Earlier this month (Dec. 18, 2010), I posted to facebook that Find-A-Grave has 55 million grave records now. Nice increase.

This month I only took one Historical Society photo, that being the Littleton Historical Society in Littleton, Massachusetts.  (Pictured below.)