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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

November, the Prettiest time to See Lowell's Red Trees

Even though Lowell had some miserable early November weather, there were two days when it was warm and sunny. November is the month I look forward to, because the Red Maples and Red Japanese Maples never fail to delight.

The photos were taken over several years, and most Lowell readers will know the locations. I was prompted to write this post because quite a few former residents complain about the city, and I wanted to share the beauty along with the historic elements.

 Same trees from behind.

Merrimack River, near Francis Gate Park.

Two photos along walkway near Swamp Locks and the Hamilton Canal District.

Photo taken last week to show the beginning of a new road, construction, and new parking lot. This was taken from Swamp Locks.

Old and new. The Lowell Justice Center will open in 2019, and the very old Swamp Locks building was built in 1859. This group of 6 photos were taken last week.

I was concerned about the red trees at the site of the new Justice Center. This is a view of the Hamilton Canal District two years ago.

Parking lot for the National Historical Park.
Near the visitor center.
Boarding House Park.

These two pictures were taken behind the Tsongas Arena.

Every November, without fail, this small grove of Japanese Maples look like this. For five years, I've visited. They are just as pretty on a cloudy day as a sunny one.

Taken behind the Tsongas Arena.
Entrance to Fort Rogers Park.
St. Anne's  Church, Merrimack Street.

Most of the canals are drained every fall, and even tho they are ugly, the red trees help bring color to the picture. As you can see, there are plenty of walking trails.

Park at Lawrence Mills site.

Merrimack River. The walkway is near the UMLowell south campus.

I believe this is near St. Patrick's Church, maybe somebody knows.

Massachusetts Mills and the Eastern Canal.

Pawtucket Canal. From this views, all the mills are used as housing or office space.