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For four years I’ve blogged mostly about my personal genealogy in New England (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire), New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. I still will, can’t forget my own roots.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking Back

First I want to publically thank the seven people who awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award, their first names and blog sites are below.  Please check them out.
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The first six of the above names are new friends, I didn't know them prior to October.   The awards came via a commet to my site, or email.  I am not sure if the senders ever read my replies, so I am doing it publically here.  When each award was given, I was really shocked, and didn't know what to do.  So I did what comes naturally, I declined for several reasons.  First, I am hoping to have clean and clutter free blog, and second, I don't want to be in the position of awarding it to others, as there are so many good Blogs out there.  Each and everyone is deserving, we are all spending lots of time on them, both in the thinking, typing and editing phases of their creation.  I don't think I will ever single out a blog as being one of the best, as I already like many.

Sometimes, I feel like I am living in the editing phase.  There hasn't been a single blog that, even tho I use the Preview option, I haven't had to go back to change something.  Yesterday's blog was set in error for 12/29/09 because I was working on December blogs, and did the entire month.  But, in reality, I wanted the cemetery article shown for yesterday, Nov. 29.  I began to wonder where it was on the dashboard.  A quick check showed it was set for December 29!

This new time-consuming part of my life has forced me to be a bit more organized and plan ahead about the subject matter.  I think that yesterday's blog is a good example.  I decided when I posted my cemetery list, (see November 18, 2009, Cemetery List in Google Spreadsheet) that I would scan and enter all those photos into in the order of that cemetery list. I was going to post some Bishop photos for Tuesday, then in going through my stuff, found the plot information, cemetery map and my old photo from 1981.  That did it, I had my article, and decided it was good for a Sunday read.

Thank you too to the people who have helped me:  Gini and Dru for recent help and Cheryl for her early encouragement.  Apple sent me a detailed explanation of how to make my links smaller (I am still having problems, but maybe it due to our different programs).  I appreciate you all.

And a special thank you to Les, who quickly emailed me after my yesterday blog of Nov. 29th appeared.  He said he would go three miles to the cemetery to take pictures for me.  Within hours, I had new pictures of the monument with the names of my grandparents, great grandparents, gg grandparents and ggg grandparents!

I hope to make this Looking Back segment a monthy piece, and will cover just a few things, mostly follow-ups during the current month.