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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Did Everything Right, but Couldn't Take a Photo!

Prior to April 1999, I obtained the plot card and diagram of the cemetery where my grandparents and others in my family were buried. In addition, I located the microfilm page of the Hale Collection for the listing of all those buried in this West Cemetery, Plainville, Connecticut. Since I had been there before, in 1981, I had the memory of what the Bishop monument looked like; it was the tallest in the cemetery.  But, when I returned in 1999, I learned a valuable lesson. You are only as good and prepared as your camera allows you to be.  My 35mm took great pictures, but not so if you couldn't read the inscription, and Not when you completely forget to take close ups of the opposite side, where there were additional names, and not writing down what is inscribed!
Plot card above, there is an error, as my grandmother, Sarah, is not listed.
Diagram of the Cemetery, with plots I was interested in seeing shown in circles.
Page from the Hale Collection, copied from microfilm.
August 1981, my grandfather was buried here, and this is the family monument.  At least I could read the names.  I took this photo, so maybe I had an interest in the family back then.
My horrible shot.  And, why didn't I move my car?
The opposite side clearly reads Lowrey, also my direct line.  Fortunately, their names are listed in the Hale Collection, see 3rd photo above, so I know who is buried there.  But a close-up would have been nice.

Follow-up.  Within hours of posting this, I received an email.  My NBF wrote, "Barbara, I will try to get some good pictures of the Bishop monument for you. I live about 3 mi from it.  I enjoy your blog."  Talk about a happy dance.  And true to his word.  When I got home from a walk, there were the pictures waiting for me!  Thank you Les Larrabee.