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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ellis Island Dress and American Jewish Historical Society

1905 Handmade Dress
The New England Historic and Genealogical Society (NEHGS) now houses the American Jewish Historical Society. Several months ago, I noticed seeing new signs, new people, and this beautiful dress in a display cabinet. The 5th floor is my favorite location and where I park my folders and body. Within feet, is this lovely dress. There is no proof that the dress was worn at Ellis Island, but I like to believe it was.

After a few visits, I got up enough courage to speak with the person in charge. We chatted, and I mentioned the dress and how I would like to take a photo, then I mentioned my blog. I told her I would like to write a little article about her Society, and to include the dress. She seemed glad about that, but I think she was expecting this post two weeks ago, however, I had to go back to the library yesterday, to get a better picture.

It is rather hard to write something of which I know little about, so from their information comes this, "The New England Collections of the American Historical Society holds the records and papers of Jewish organizations and individuals from the greater Boston metropolitan area and New England.

Permission was granted to take photo of dress, without flash. The dress is enclosed in Plexiglass, and all the ceiling lights were on. There was no way around the reflection.

Obituary -- George Anderson (Died January 10, 1879) Wisconsin

"Maj. George Anderson died at Madison, Jan 10th in the ninety-fifth year of his age. He was born on the banks of the Raritan, New Jersey, March 8th 1784; and after residing successively on Staten Island, in Pennsylvania and Illinois, he settled in Dane County in 1839 and spent most of his life as a farmer. While residing in Madison,  he served two years on the Board of Aldermen, and several years as Supervisor in the County Board, serving in the latter capacity at the time of his death. He survived his third wife two weeks. He was a gentleman of the old school, enjoying good health and a bright intellect almost to the last."  George Anderson was my 3rd great-grandfather.

From: Collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 1882 Vol. 9: 429.  Wisconsin Necrology, 1879.  See Below.

It took 15 years to locate substantial information about George Anderson, and my first clue came from the book above. The above isn't an obituary but a death notice. I was alone in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, with lots of people, but nobody to share the news with. Now two years later, I can say, it was simply thrilling, and I still get a natural high when I think about that day.