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Friday, October 10, 2014

Lexington, Massachusetts -- One monument with 77 Names

After living in this town for 8 years and attended grades 4th through 11th, I thought I knew quite a bit about what was there to see. That was, until I toured the newly renovated Buckman Tavern two days after it opened this spring. As I walked around the grounds, I noticed the back of a memorial, it was inscribed with names, and that was new to me, since I had always just looked at the front. (As a genealogist, it reminded me to always walk around four sides of a cemetery never know what could be written unless you look first.) I've incorporated photos taken just a year ago with some taken in early spring to show some popular sites on the green.


APRIL 19, 1775

John Parker
Joseph Simonds
Joel Viles
Ebenezer Parker
William Tidd
Daniel Harrington
Samuel Sanderson
William Diamond
Robert Munroe
William Munroe
John Munroe
Jonathan Harrington

Ebenezer Bowman
Jedediah Munroe
John Bridge Jr.
John Munroe Jr.
James Brown
Nathan Munroe
John Brown
William Munroe 3rd
Solomon Brown
Nathaniel Mulliken
John Chandler
Isaac Muzzy
John Chandler Jr.
John Muzzy
Joseph Comee
Jonas Parker
Robert Douglass
Jonas Parker Jr.
Isaac Durant
Nathaniel Parkhurst
Prince Estabrook
Solomon Pierce
Nathaniel Farmer
SGT. Francis Brown
Isaac Green
Joshua Reed
William Grimes
Joshua Reed Jr.
Caleb Harrington
Nathan Reed
John Harrington
John Robbins
Jonathan Harrington, Jr.
Phillip Russell
Moses Harrington 3rd
Benjamin Sampson
Moses Harrington Jr.
Joshua Simonds
Thaddeus Harrington
John Smith
Thomas Harrington
Phineas Smith
Isaac Hastings
Simeon Snow
Timothy Blodgett
Phineas Sterns
Samuel Hastings
Jonas Stone Jr.
Samuel Hadley
John Tidd
Thomas Hadley Jr.
Samuel Tidd
John Hosmer
Joseph Underwood
Micah Hagar
Benjamin Wellington
Amos Lock
Enoch Wellington
Benjamin Lock
John Winship
Reuben Lock
Thomas Winship
Ebenezer Lock
Sylvanus Wood
Abner Mead
James Wyman
Ebenezer Munroe Jr.
Nathaniel Wyman
Thaddeus Bowman Esq.


Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

I love this monument. Thanks for the great photos and for transcribing the names. Lots of Munroes there, including Robert Munroe, my Dad's brother was named for him, Robert Munroe Wilkinson.

Amanda (the librarian) said...

Wow, Barbara, I was just in Lexington in August and I also didn't think to look on all sides of all monuments! Thanks for sharing!

Mary Mettler said...

Goodness, my Monroe, Wyman, and Parkhurst cousins are all over that monument! Thanks!

Susi's Quarter said...

You mean I am really going to start looking at my Smith's. Thanks Barbara and who do you have in Wyoming.?

Barbara Poole said...

Thanks to all four of you for your comments. I already knew about Heather's connection to Munroe, but it was nice to see that Mary also has the line. Amanda, yes, it's a good lesson to look on all sides.
Susi, aha the Smiths, have fun. As for Wyoming (there are several, mostly the town in NY). I removed Wyoming in my intro. about my blog because after checking, it really should say Wisconsin, where my 3rd great-grandfather lived and died. His last name was Anderson, of Madison, Dane Co., Wisconsin. Thanks for bringing the state to my attention.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

This is a great place to visit. I have been there with some third cousins who I found when researching my Irish genealogy.

Kris Casucci said...

Thank you for this! I'm a descendant of a John Parker and Philip Russell. Lock, Bowman, Munroe and Peirce also appear in my lines. I was at the tavern last spring before learning of my connection to John Parker. I definitely need to return!

Barbara Poole said...

Colleen, I'm sorry I never responded, and here it is over a year since you w rote. Yes, Lexington is a great place to visit...I've been there at least 4 times this month!

Kris, You do have quite a connection to the town (I unfortunately don't have any of the names, but one ancestor did live there earlier). Finding out information after the fact has been my problem. A little story...I worked in DC, then moved to MA. While in MA, I then discovered my great-grandfather was buried in DC, so we made the long ride back to visit the graveyard!

David ERSKINE Cummings said...

Am desc. Of SOLOMON PEIRCE & Amity Fessenden. My smartph. # is 971-361-1046 unlimited talk n text. I have 2 diff. Copyrighted CDs and book of S. Peirce genealogy. Found it all in Library of Congress. Actually desc. Twice from them cuz grandparents were distant Kissin Cousins. My dad was Charles Taylor Cummings, b. 1909 Medford, Ma. Am on Facebook. David Erskine Cummings E:

Dave Robison said...

One name missing! I guess you could call him the "Lost Patriot" as his name was only recently added. Timothy Blodgett is shown at the bottom of the second column. He was my link to the SAR into which I'll be inducted 22 October 2016 in Quincy, Mass.

Barbara Poole said...

Dave, I just read about the new addition last week, in a Lexington newspaper. So, after Oct. 22nd, I plan to go there and take another photo. Thanks for sharing.

Dave Robison said...

Barbara, the photo is in the newspaper article. I think you might have seen my FB post last week that brought it up. Of course, you may want your own picture for copyright considerations. The reference to "missing" was in regard to your alphabetical list. But I appreciate that these things can take time! It's on my mind as I make overnight plans to be in Quincy for my SAR induction! Thanks for keeping up with this... I appreciate it for my ancestor's sake.

Barbara Poole said...

Well, Dave, guess I don't have to make a trip, since his name is already on my list and photo. But, I'll go to Lexington anyway since it isn't far, and I grew up there. Seeing my photos above, were taken about this time of year, and it's lovely there in the fall. I'm a former DAR so I know the excitement of joining a lineage society. Congratulations.