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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Louis T. Graves Memorial Public Library, Kennebunkport, Maine

Louis T. Graves Memorial Public Library
18 Maine Street
Kennebunkport, Maine 04046

Kennebunkport is a fun place to visit, and that is why I included a Travel/Tourism label for this blog. You many not want to visit the library, but the town is a different story. If you like seeing the Atlantic Ocean, many old beautiful homes, the summer home of President Bush, seeing a wedding cake house, eating lobster rolls on the run, shopping in quaint shops, getting tired by all your walking, and being with hoards of tourists, this town is for you.

Reference Desk.
The building was built in 1813 as a bank, and fortunately some of the molding and four fireplaces (two on each floor) survived several additions. The volunteer librarian above, told me that her daughter volunteers at NEHGS in Boston.

The old bank vault is where the cds and dvds are housed.

Just to the left (and below) is the section for Maine history books. Local history and genealogy information may be found at The Kennebunkport Historical Society. When I told the librarian what I was doing, she brought me to the vault and pointed out a sign on the side of the bookcase...a history of the building and the library (photo seen below and on their orange flyer).

History of the building.

First floor, original part of the bank, and where the vault is.

Photos of the newer sections are below.

Computers in a large meeting room/study area. A older resident was being taught computer techniques, so I didn't photograph the entire room.

Local books.

Outside views, a touch of fall on Oct. 20, 2018.

Hallway from front door (always closed).
We took the stairs to the Children's Department on the 2nd floor first opened in 1930. How charming it is, with decorations for Halloween, two fireplaces and the sweetest table and chairs. The librarian told us we just missed story time with the kids! Glad our timing was right.

Early September 2018 photos.

Side and back views.
The 3rd addition, shown below was completed in 2017.

Two favorite places for lobster.

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