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Friday, June 22, 2012

One Little Delete

With 41,121 people in my family tree, I have a lot of source citations from the 99 repositories I've used. Thanks to RootsMagic4, they provided these statistics, but right now my source citations have been deleted by 703, all because of one little delete. Am I obsessed with having as many sources as possible, or do I just have too much free time? 

How could this happen with a source I should have known. Ever hear of the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS)? Well, they have a library, a quarterly publication, bound yearly, called The Register (NEHGR) and a quarterly magazine called, "American Ancestors." As a member, you receive both publications. I use these frequently because of all my New England ancestors.

From day one, I used "NEHG Register" as my source, and I'm not sure why, but now realizing it needed to be corrected to "NEHGR," this was the day I decided to change the wrong to a right. My RootsWeb tree also had the wrong source name, and that's not all, each of the 703 NEHGR sources had the same incorrect footnote text (see below).

Below is my first printed page, and under NEHG Register, you'll see the text in the footnote, which appeared on all those 703 individual files. What am I going to do about it, nothing since there is no way possible I can redo each file. How did it happen? I wasn't paying 100% attention and thought the delete would apply to one file only, not all of them, all individual notations were lost. So, I learned a lesson, and I hope people who use other's trees with sources will learn that not all online trees are correct!
This was entered for all 703 individuals.
Now, I'm going to think about this instead.