The Life From The Roots blog topics have changed several times since I began this blog. In 2009, with my first posts, I wrote only about the family history I had been working on for 20 years. Many ancestors lived in New England so it was easy to visit gravesites and towns where they lived. I shared many photo. Years later, I was into visiting gardens, historical homes, churches, libraries that had genealogical collections, historical societies, war memorials, in general, anything to do with history. I enjoy posting autographs and photos of famous people I met or saw.

My New England roots are in Connecticut and Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire). Other areas include New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Woburn Public Library / Winn Memorial Library, Woburn, Massachusetts

Woburn Public Lbrary
Also known as Winn Memorial Library
Woburn, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

This library is one of the largest I've been in, but the most crowded. There are plans to raise funds to eventually enlarge this Library.

Copy of a painting of Thomas Carter's Ordination Ceremony. He was my 9th great-grandfather.
Genealogy books behind locked cabinet.
Microfilm cabinets, below.

I love the reading room. So many books and no space for more. Nobody allowed to climb the stairs.

Extremely small computer area (above) and tiny Children's room (below).

Woburn books (above) and information below.
What I saw as I entered the Library.

Gleason Public Library, Carlisle, Massachusetts (Genealogy Section)

This is another library that had a huge addition. Carlisle, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts is a very small town, but their Library, the Gleason Public Library, was one of my favorites. Librarian spent quite a bit of time with me, and took me to the old section of the Library.

Books about Carlisle. (Above and two photos below.)

The old section of the Library is upstairs, under lock and key. Doesn't appear to be used for anything other than light storage.

Lovely woods behind the Library.

J. V. Fletcher Library, Westford, Massachusetts (Genealogy Section)

J. V. Fletcher Library
Westford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

Stained glass above the front door.
Genealogy Section.
The above photo and 3 below were taken in the old section of the Library, and is under lock and key. I loved the wooden blinds.

Looking down on the Reading Room.

Groton Public Library, Groton, Massachusetts -- Genealogy and History Section

Groton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

New (above) and Old (below) sections.

Most of the Genealogy and History books were under lock and key.

Waltham Library, Waltham, Massachusetts (Genealogy Section)

Waltham, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

The Waltham Room houses the History and Genealogy books.
The books for Waltham are behind a locked room, and need to be asked for.

Some of the "Tan Books," the Vital Records for most of Massachusetts.
The locked room which contains books and miscellaneous items about Waltham (above and below).


Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick, Maine (Genealogy Section)

Brunswick, Maine

I love how part of the old Library is incorporated into the new.
This is a beautiful Library, with a nautical theme, lots of paintings and models of boats.

A huge section of books pertaining to the Brunswick area. Above are white cemetery books my husband's uncle and cousin published.

The Librarian brought me into a room that is being made into a genealogy/history room. Their selection of books was spread over three different areas in the Library. Check out their Technology Room, nice.