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Friday, January 7, 2011

Marilu Henner of "Taxi" Fame -- Follow Friday

Why would I want to follow the actress, Marilu Henner? If you are a news junkie, you already know, but if not, let me explain. Ms. Henner has a condition, I want. It is called Superior Autobiographical Memory, or hyperthymesia. Marilu has appeared recently on "60 Minutes" and just the other day on "The Today Show" and spoke about her rare condition. Although, has spoken of it in the past, those two recent shows were the first times I'd heard of it. I don't know a whole lot about her, other than watching her on "Taxi" and "The Apprentice" of which she didn't win, and a few movies. There are a lot of photos of her through Google images, I'm certain most of you will recognize her.

Can you imagine what it would be like, as a genealogist, to remember everything your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or any other member of the family ever told you about their lives? Does she even know what genealogy is? Here, I couldn't even remember how to spell her name, or what I needed at the grocery store.

I wonder if she has traced her lineage to see if anybody else in her tree had the same condition.  Could it be heredity? I don't know, but she did mention that her son also has the ability to recall what happened on such and such a date. Imagine that you would never be wrong with dates, events, and who said what. I could live with that.