The Life From The Roots blog topics have changed several times since I began this blog. In 2009, with my first posts, I wrote only about the family history I had been working on for 20 years. Many ancestors lived in New England so it was easy to visit gravesites and towns where they lived. I shared many photo. Years later, I was into visiting gardens, historical homes, churches, libraries that had genealogical collections, historical societies, war memorials, in general, anything to do with history. I enjoy posting autographs and photos of famous people I met or saw.

My New England roots are in Connecticut and Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire). Other areas include New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Do You Have Any of These Cemeteries for Your Ancestors?

Many years before beginning my blog in 2009, I did my best at keeping records for myself, never thinking I would be sharing it. However, the other day, while reading many Facebook friend's New Year's resolutions, blogs and general ideas how to get organized, something clicked. Only one struck me as the one that would for me. Midge Frazel, of Granite in My Blood blog mentioned doing a list of gravestones she has written about. She also mentioned, on Facebook the following.
  • One thing I have learned lately is to make goals more defined and workable in a short time frame. I have five projects going right now. Four is do-able but one continues to plague me.
    January 1 
  • Barbara Poole     I am going to start following you Midge, you are my new inspiration. Defined goals in a short time frame, love it.

So, I'm using two of her suggestions! You do learn from others, why not try it for 2014.

I began visiting many cemeteries in 1999, 2000 and 2001. A lot changed after 9/11, and I didn't travel as much. My list remained dormant for about 9 years, until I began blogging. You can see, that my list had 121 listings for my direct ancestors only. The various columns are: their relationship to me, cemetery name, location, date of death, date visited and age at death. An additional column lists either a M or F for mothers or fathers side. In the past over 4 years, I've visited quite a few cemeteries and only took 21 photos, so you can see, blogging had little, if any affect on my list.

My problem now is to relearn Excel, because I can't remember how to change the listing to show it alphabetical, or any of the other categories. I didn't even know I had Excel, as my original list was in Access on a XP. Also, I have to learn how to use Microsoft Office with my Win. 8 laptop, and to get the below Vista listing into the new computer. Technology can be a problem for somebody of the "silent" generation.

My next steps are:

1. Double check to be sure all 146 are on Find-A-Grave.
2. Learn how to use Microsoft Office 2013 and Excel.
3. Take additional photos of where other ancestors are, mostly in Connecticut.

For you to take away, one of my best hints is, if a stone is on Find-A-Grave, always make a photo of it and take it with you. This has helped me many times.