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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Probate of Amos H. Adams of Batavia, Genesee Co., NY

Amos H. Adams
Amos H. Adams           Testator

State of New York,
Genesee County Surrogate’s Court,
To the Surrogate’s Court of the County of Genesee :

The petition of Charles R. Gould of the town of Batavia in the said County Genesee respectfully represents: That Amos H. Adams late of the town of Batavia in the said County, departed this life in Batavia, N.Y. on the 22nd day of August, 1907, at the age of 84 years, having previously, as the petitioner is informed and believed duly made, executed and published his LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT bearing date the 29th day of June 1901, which is now produced : That the petitioner Charles R. Gould is named in said Will as executor.

That the said deceased was at the time of making and publishing said LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of sufficient age to enable him to make such will and at his decease, an inhabitant of the County of Genesee.

That said LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT relates to real and personal estate, and the deceased died possessed of real and personal estate in the said County of Genesee.

The petitioner further shows that according to the best of his knowledge and judgment, the estate and effects for and in respect to which probate is herein applied for, will not exceed the value of ninety eight hundred Dollars. And the personal property of testator will not exceed the value of fifty eight hundred Dollars.

The petitioner further shows that the names of the heirs and next of kin of the said deceased, and their respective places of residence so far as your petitioner upon diligent inquiry he has been able to ascertain the same, are as follows, viz :

Age, if under 21.

Emily A. Radican

Niles, Mich.
Horace J. Adams
½ Brother

Niles, Mich.
George Adams
½ Brother

Niles, Mich.
J. Q. Adams
½ Brother

Niles, Mich.
Mary Blair
½ Sister

Wyoming, Mich.
Ada DeWolf Sherwin daughter of a deceased
Sister Betsey Adams DeWolf                                     Batavia, NY
Charles DeWolf son of said deceased Sister                 Batavia, NY
Frank DeWolf son of said deceased Sister                   Stafford, NY
Oliver J. Hopkins son of a deceased sister
Nancy Adams Hopkins

Kent, Kent Co., Mich
Harriet M. J. Bann, daughter of said deceased
                                                             256 First St., Detroit, Mich.
Sister Fanny

Your petitioner therefore prays that said will may be proved, and that a citation be issued out of and under the seal of this Court, to be directed to the proper persons, pursuant to The Statute in such case made and provided, requiring them and each of them, at such time and Place as shall be in the said citation mentioned, to appear and attend the probate of the said Last Will and Testament, and that such further or other proceedings in the premises shall be duly had as may be requisite to be the proving and recording of the said Last Will and Testament and the granting probate and Letters Testamentary thereof. And your petitioner will ever pray.

Dated this 3rd day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seven
                                                                                    Charles R. Gould

The probate Proof of Service was filed at the Genesee County Surrogates Office on September 13, 1909, was obtained by my 5th cousin Claire who lives near Niagara Falls, NY. There were 8 legal documents in the packet, no copy of the original will found. Photo of cemetery stone also taken by cousin Claire.
Amos was my first cousin 4x removed.

Additional names mentioned in the documents: Ella Sherwin, Mrs. Albert Francher and Fanchier, Lorena Cooper, Arden Smith, Nellie and Marie Fox, Lulu Fox, Hobert B. Cone, Franklin I. Judd, First Baptist Church of Batavia, N.Y., Elmwood Cemetery Association, and the Baptist Educational Society of the State of New York.