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Monday, April 15, 2019

A Make-Over for the 1637 Burying Point Cemetery in Salem, Massachusetts

The Burying Point Cemetery or Charter Street Cemetery in Salem, Massachusetts has always been popular with researchers and tourists. It is in the middle of historic Salem and steps away from the Phillips Essex Museum. I have been here many times because I have four ancestors buried there. However, the thing I was always concerned about were the trees, especially the ones about to fall on your head or break a very old cemetery stone. The photos above and below were taken several years ago, in summer. Recently, work was done to remove dead branches, shrubs and trees, and repair work was done to some stones. My photos were taken on April 14, 2019.

Above stone is for my ancestor, John Marston, and you can hardly see the footstone in the back (I had to move the shrub away for a close-up). Below is a recent photo showing Marston's stone, his footstone and way in the back is an unknown one that was repaired!

 Repaired stones.

Cut trees and branches, above and below.

Large tree stump overlooking the Salem Witch Trials Memorial in the background.

 Salem Witch Trials Memorial with names.

Beyond the wall are museum office buildings, and the museum.

Look at the branches above my ancestor's tombstone of Simon Bradstreet. An 2010 photo is below.

(Photo from several years ago.)
If you have ancestors buried in this cemetery, I'd like to recommend an excellent reference book, complete with all the names and a good amount of genealogical information about the individual (following this paragraph). The quotes of my Miles and Sarah were taken from this book. In addition there is a map of the layout, including the Witchcraft Memorial. I've used the source below many times, because I have six other ancestors buried there (Stephen Daniels, John Marston, Simon Bradstreet, Miles Ward, Sarah Massey and John Proctor).

Charles Street Cemetery Burial Records
Salem, Massachusetts
Compiled by William C. Carlson

(Copy at NEHGS in Boston)

Graves of Greatest Historical Interest.

Names mentioned:
Nathaniel Silsbee
Mary Cory
Jonathan Ward
Mary Cromwell
Benjamin Lynde
ohn and Anstiss Crowninshield
Clifford Crowninshield
Bartholomew Gardner
William Browne
Hilliard Veren
Habakuk Boditch
Nathaniel Bowditch
Deliverance Parkman
Simon Bradstreet
William Hollingworth
Samuel McIntire
John Hathorne
John Higginson
Richard More
John Turner
Timothy Lindall
Robert Peele
George Heusler
John Swinerton
Nathaniel Mather
Richard Derby
Simon Forrester
William Orne
Dr. Grimshawe

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No post, but a photo taken April 14, 2019, of my 9th great grandfather,  John Proctor.
From: JOHN PROCTOR of Ipswich, Leland H. Procter, Pub. Research Associates: Genealogical Research Group, 1985. Page 7.

"Much has been written concerning John's heroic and stubborn refusal to answer to the charge of witchcraft brought against him in the hysteria of 1692, but rather than confess to a crime he had not committed (which would have saved his life), he faced the awful reality of death by hanging.  His wife, Elizabeth, was also charged but released because she was pregnant."