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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

There Is A Lot to Like About Lowell -- Jack Kerouac, Life and Times, Birth and Death

"There is A Lot to Like About Lowell" is the city slogan.
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Jack Kerouac  --  Life and Times, Birth and Death

Jack Kerouac
Birthplace, Lowell, Massachusetts
b. 1922

Jack Kerouac Memorial in Lowell, Massachusetts
Wikipedia has a huge write-up about Jack, who was born in Lowell 92 years ago, and is buried in Lowell (see below). 
In the spring, I hope to take better photos, before the trees are full.

Mill Girls and Immigrants Exhibit at the Visitor's Center (above) and the exhibit of personal belongings at the Boott Mills Boarding House (below).
These three displays were enclosed in Plexiglas.

The anniversary of his death is in a week, and this week there will be many tourists coming to Lowell, some making their annual pilgrimage to the city in celebration of Jack's life.

The photos below were taken the day after the new monument was installed on Sept. 30th, and I took these the following day. 
"The Road is Life"
May 22, 1922     PFC Sebastian Sampas    March 2, 1944
Massachusetts 51 Station Hospital, World War II

1910      Vee Kay Sampas Eisentraug     1975
1909     Harold C. Eisentraut     1977
1888     George K. Sampas     1961
1893     Maria C. Sampas     1981
March 12, 1922     John Louis Kerouac     October 21, 1969
November 11, 1918     Stella Sampas Kerouac     February 10, 1990   
 Directions to Jack's marker at Edson Cemetery
Lowell, Massachusetts

Kerouac Writes First Novel on March 23, 1948 (as described by Mass Moments articleFirst paragraph, "Lowell native Jack Kerouac happily noted in his diary that he had written 2500 words. If he could keep up this pace, he would finish his first novel in a matter of weeks. The highly autobiographical The Town and the City was published in 1950, the same year he began writing On the Road, the novel that earned him the title "Father of the Beat Generation." By the time he died at the age of 47 Jack Kerouac had published 14 books. On the Road is Kerouac's most-read work today; it is widely considered one of the most important and influential American novels of the twentieth century, and Jack Kerouac is celebrated as one of Lowell's favorite sons." Please read the rest of the article for more information.

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