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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Phillips Academy at Andover, Massachusetts on Grandparent's Day

It might seem strange to see a post about the famous Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts here, but there is a reason. Close to 5 months ago, fellow blogger, John Tew of Filiopietism Prism blog and I decided to do a post about this school. He had mentioned that one of his ancestors had gone there, many years ago, and I mentioned that it was rather close to me, and I had visited often, but never the campus. I offered to take current photos and he is posting ca 1912-1913 photos taken by his great-grandfather. I have seen one of them, and tried to locate that building, but never found it. The photos below were taken last month, and it was Grandparent's Day at the school. You will see three generations walking together, so my husband and I fit right in!
Unfortunately, I didn't write down names of buildings, so I don't know what they were. However, on the right of the church, really hidden, is the famous Addison Gallery of American Art. We go there often, because the collections are outstanding. In February (photos at the end of post) we saw the An American in London: Whistler and the Thames exhibit, especially meaningful since the artist was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, where I currently live. If you are in the area, this is worth visiting, it's free, but parking is limited.

Seen may be Samuel Phillips Hall, Bulfinch Hall, Oliver Wendell Holmes Library, Morse Hall, Graham Hall, Graves Hall, and Pearson Hall. If somebody can identify any, please let me know, thanks.
I just discovered a great map of the campus, which I didn't have during my visit. So perhaps another trip is in the works. I loved seeing most of the campus, got plenty of exercise, but I see from the map, there is a whole area we missed!

Cochran Chapel

The small cemetery has two entrances, something I just discovered on our walk. I had blogged about seeing the cemetery stone for Harriet Beecher Stowe, seen HERE.

Memorial Bell Tower
Also on the grounds is a wonderful Nature Sanctuary, see previous post HERE.

Addison Gallery on the left, Memorial Bell Tower straight ahead.