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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Isabella Stewart Gardner, Her Courtyard, Paintings, Furnishings in the Palace, Boston, Massachusetts

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
25 Evans Way, Boston, Massachusetts

Four floors overlook the Courtyard. The museum is on the first three floors, and you are able to view the Courtyard from all inside rooms. Since it was so warm on our December visit, many of the large windows were open.

Interior Courtyard, in March and December 2018.

 First floor hallway above, 2nd floor hallway below.
There are quite a few period rooms, and most of them are listed below, with the name of it. Click on the link (from the museum), and you'll see more details. (From Wikipedia.) The museum has always been a popular tourist attraction. i particularly love it because of it's small size, interesting collection that was placed by Isabella in the locations that now still exist, and the courtyard.

I wouldn't be surprised if many people visit to hear the story of the "single largest property theft in the world," 13 works of art were stolen on March 18, 1990, and have never been found. When you visit, you will see the locations of the paintings, simple to find because the frames are still hanging. To learn about the theft, use museum website at:

From the information sheet below, you can see there are two desks, each with a framed picture (both stolen).

 From this view, you can see where three paintings once hung. A fourth was behind the second desks on the right.

Self-Portrait, age 23 of Rembrandt. After the robbery, it was found on the floor. It was assumed by some that because it was painted on wood, it was too heavy to carry. Below his portrait above, there is a very small picture frame on the side of the desk. That etching by him was stolen.

"The Palace" Original entrance before the new wing was built a few years ago.

New wing on left, built in  2012, original museum on right.

Interior walkway from new wing (reception, library, gift shop, cafe) to the "Palace."

This is when I usually visit. The link shows the beauty of the hanging plants.

To read more about the stolen artwork and the heist, you might enjoy: