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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mary, George, Gerald, Ted and Sonny...Where are the Others?

None of the individuals below were related to me, but we had a very strong bond. They were employees and the bosses of where I worked for over ten years. When I began working at Father John's Medicine Co., Inc., in Lowell, Massachusetts, these people became my second family, and even after I left, I was in contact with several for many years. There are another eight I would like to locate. Once an employee began working at the company, they never left. Why? They weren't fired, the benefits and hours were great and it was a wonderful company. Several older employees died while I was there, and during my 10+ years there, I was always the youngest person. I decided to honor my former co-workers because I really liked these people and there is nobody else to do it.

Other names I am looking for are: Thomas Fox, Eddie O'Hare, Lila Shannon, Frank Shannon, Joe Carty, Agnes Mellen, Annette Tatre, Anna M. Maloney. Update: I have located information about Eddie, Anna and Annette.

Mary Helen McNamara
1917 - 2011

 George H. Donehue (father to sons Gerald and George)
1880 - 1967 (Large photo above.)
Gerald F. Donehue
1910 - 1993
The above were buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Lowell, Massachusetts

George H. Donehue
1912 - 1987
The above were buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Tewksbury, Massachusetts

Lucian T. Villandry  1930  --  2005
His father is below.

Theodore Villandry died May 1965
(Both worked at Father John's Medicine while I was there.)
(Locating this stone took 4 trips to the cemetery.)
The above two were buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.