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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chelmsford, Massachusetts Has Gone Back in Time

Earlier today, I did a post about a May Breakfast I went to in Chelmsford. It wasn't until we left, that somebody mentioned how nice the area looked since they removed all the telephone poles, and put the wires and cables underground. Once it was pointed out, I could tell the difference, and it was nice seeing how this part of the town may have looked many years ago, before electricity. Many of the buildings were there before that time.
No telephone poles! New sitting area in the old green.
 Streets around the green. I must say, it looks great.

 Old 1879 Town Hall was recently renovated.
(New Town Hall is in another location.)
 Monument and Toll House.
Middlesex Canal Toll House 1832  Oldest Canal Toll House in America. Donated by Heirs of Judge Samuel P. Hadley.
 Old house, now a bank.
Harriet B. Rogers, assisted by Mary S. Byam, opened here in 1866 the Chelmsford School. The first in America to susccessfully teach lip-reading and speech to deaf children. In 1867 it was moved to Northampton as the Clarke School for the Deaf.
Next to the church, the 1655 Forefathers Burial Ground and old school.

Seeing Chelmsford, Massachusetts on May Breakfast Day

May breakfast on the first Saturday in May has been a tradition at my former church for 88 years. After a discussion regarding May breakfasts on facebook, some wondered if they were still being held. I knew of this one, so on this early spring morning, my husband and I went to it, only 5 miles away. Another post will follow, with more photos of the Chelmsford green. It was like seeing it for the first time, since they recently took out the power lines and improved the area, I even saw some historical sites, new to me.
Several signs around the church and on bulletin boards.

 We were early, so it wasn't crowded. Beautifully decorated.

 Oh the handmade baskets, each filled with six or so pieces of fudge.

 When I mentioned my mother and the elevator next to the table to where the baskets were being sold, both ladies got a little emotional. They knew my mother and still are so thankful that my mother left money to the church when she died. The church was able to install the elevator. Since I was curious if they needed to raise more funds, I was told no. One of these days, I'm going to have a plaque put there with her name.
 One of the ladies took me into the storage area to show me the additional baskets, it looked like a period room.
 Looking out the church window at the square.
 Real flowers and menu at each table.

  The "new" town hall is below, as seen from the church.

Chelmsford green, with church.