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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Founders of Windsor, Connecticut

Twenty-one of my direct ancestors were Founders of Windsor, Connecticut. A list of all the founders is below, with my directs in blue. The photo shows the town common, with the First Church of Windsor, Windsor Historical Society, monument of my ancestor, Maj. John Mason, and a smaller monument dedicated to all the Founders of Windsor with their names engraved.
Historic Windsor common, Windsor, Connecticut.

George Abbot
Matthew Griswold
John Porter
Benedictus Alford
Thomas Gunn
Edward Preston
Samuel Allen
William Hannum
Mathew Rainend
Matthew Allyn
John Hawkes
Philip Randall
Thomas Barber
Anthony Hawkins
Jasper Rawlins
John Bartlett
William Hayden
John Reeves
Margaret (Barrett)
John Haynes
John Rockwell
William Hill
William Rockwell
John Hillier
Bray Rossiter
Thomas Bascomb
Thomas Holcombe
John St. Nicholas
Thomas Bassett
William Holmes
Robert Saltonstall
John Bennett
Mary Holt
Richard Samos
Richard Birge
William Hosford
Matthias Sension
John Bissell
John Hoskins
(St. John)
John Branker
Simon Hoyte
Nicholas Sension
Jonathan Brewster
Samuel Hubbard
Richard Sexton
Thomas Buckland
Ephraim Huit
Thomas Staires
William Buell
William Hulbert
Aaron Starks
Joshua Carter
George Hull
Francis Stiles
George Chappel
John Hurd
Henry Stiles
Daniel Clarke
Humphrey Hydes
John Stiles
Henry Clarke
Joseph Loomis
Thomas Stiles
Joseph Clarke
Roger Ludlow
Thomas Stoughton
Aaron Cooke
Henry Lush
George Stuckey
Thomas Cooper
Thomas Marshfield
John Talcott
Nicholas Denslow
Ann Marshall
John Taylor
Thomas Dewey
Thomas Marshall
Stephen Terry
Thomas Dibble
John Mason
Thomas Thornton
John Drake
Mary (Merwin)
William Thrall
John Dumbleton
(Tinker) Collins
John Tilley
John Dyer
Miles Merwin
Peter Tilton
John Eels
Simon Mills
Michael Try
Bygod Eggleston
John Moore
Frances (Unknown)
William Filley
Thomas Moore
(Clark) (Dewey)
Thomas Ford
Thomas Newberry
Henry Foulkes
Thomas Nowell
Richard Vore
Walter Fyler
Richard Oldage
John Warham
William Gaylord
Thomas Orton
Richard Weller
Francis Gibbs
John Osborn
Richard Whitehead
Giles Gibbs
Nicholas Palmer
Arthur Williams
William Gilbert
Elias Parkman
John Williams
Jeremiah Gillett
Thomas Parsons
Roger Williams
Jonathan Gillett
Edward Pattison
David Wilton
Nathan Gillett
George Phelps
Robert Winchell
Matthew Grant
William Phelps
John Witchfield
Thomas Gridley
George Phillips
Henry Wolcott
Edward Griswold
Humphrey Pinney
John Young

Eltweed Pomeroy

Samuel Pond

Permission to use Founders list given by Windsor Historical Society.