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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Massachusetts State Library, Boston, Massachusetts

Massachusetts State Library, Boston, Massachusetts

A state library visit sounded like the perfect thing to see on one of my trips to Boston. There was little information about the State Library of Massachusetts online, so I didn't know what to expect but was ready for an adventure, which began the second I walked in the main door. Security was waiting for all visitors, and after I and my items were scanned, I was pulled aside and asked to open my pocketbook. Yikes, I had forgotten I had a Swiss army knife, what was going to happen to me? Not to worry, I signed a paper and would get it back when I left.

I found my way to the 3rd-floor library, went in, and not a person was to be seen. I couldn't wait to check out the "historical information for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and its cities and towns." Before I had a conversation with the seasoned librarian, I took these photos.

WIFE    "Husband has no right to beat"
 As you can see, there wasn't a person in the library, no genealogy books and I didn't see the librarian until I was ready to leave. Since I had questions, I fired away. Were there any genealogy books? Yes, but since they had closed stacks, she showed me a little booklet listing their major holdings, (I could request and she would go get). Anything more specific would have to be found through their card catalog (photo above). Shocked, I asked if everything was also listed online. "No, not yet, it is a money issue, however they are working on it." I got the impression it was something really in the works. They did however, have four computers, lots of room, and several aisles of books, this is mainly a law library.

The stacked books are on four floors, located behind the librarian (see first photo). According to her, there is a Special Collection on a lower level, however their webpage, with all their links just took me to 403 Forbidden quite a few times. Some links do work, and might be of use to you, see below. The next time I go, I'll check out the Special Collection Department in Room 55.

Items in our Special Collections: