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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Veils of Color for Lowell, the Venice of America

When I first read that Barbara Poole was going to create the "Veils of Color for Lowell, the Venice of America" in the Lowell Sun, I did a double take on the name, as I knew I didn't do this. She was going to hand-painted 35 18-foot by 5-foot veils (fabric) and hang them in old window frames of an old dye house. From the Lowell Historic Board's comment to Barbara's video (since removed) was, "these 35-colorful fabric panels have been hung within the wall remnant window openings of the formerly two-story Appleton Manufacturing Company Dye House, built between 1909-1916." I went within a few days of their hanging to take my first photos. The reference to Venice of America pertains to the over five miles of canals in Lowell. Note: See bottom for information about "The Venice of America."

The fabric panels are along the Pawtucket Canal, a perfect site, because the canal tours given the Lowell National Historical Park are gift for the visitors, as they get a bird's eye view.

How may times did I go, well perhaps 10 times on different hours and days. Below are some pictures showing what the windows look like without the colorful panels and then with them. They were removed around the first of October, due to the upcoming winter, and will be installed next year when the boat rides begin.
Photo taken October 2011.
These two pictures were taken when I was on a boat in the canal.

The Pawtucket Canal water comes from the Merrimack River and flows towards the Concord River, then back to the Merrimack River. In this photo, you can see former factories on both sided, Merrimack Community College, Central Street, part of Lower Locks and the Lowell Auditorium.

I soon learned not go early in the morning when the sun was in full force, as I couldn't see anything with all the glare. Hint for those going to see these next year, think about the sun. I also learned that the sun doesn't shine directly on these in the evening, so I deleted all those photos.

Late afternoon, unfortunately, the sun doesn't shine through them.

Samples of dye powder shown in a display cabinet at the former American Textile History Museum.

They make a difference. Above in full color, and below they were removed. My photo was taken October 3, 2016. The huge field will disappear as construction is planned for that site.

I met Barbara Poole, the creator of the veils of color, in Lowell, MA in September 2017.
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